“Joel, do you have your gun?”

Music to my ears, especially coming from Neighbor L whom I love like a sister but sometimes think of as kind of a Karen when it comes to neighborhood gunfire.

We came back from the Monday morning water run to find a couple of unfamiliar* dogs cavorting around their round pen and apparently not in a big hurry to leave at the sight of their truck. L said her horse and one of their dogs had been acting funny around that area and she didn’t figure this was the strange dogs’ first visit.

I unlocked the gate as normal, then they dropped me off further up the driveway even with the round pen. The dogs weren’t looking for trouble and started walking off as soon as they saw me coming toward them. The walk became a scurry when I put two shots into a sandbank near them, and they disappeared over a rise. I didn’t really need to expend those rounds, to be honest. They were just sort of an investment in reminding the only neighbor who ever complains about gunfire that the gun really isn’t just a loud affectation.

*No, definitely not the same pair I’ve had dealings with.

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One Response to “Joel, do you have your gun?”

  1. Jim Price says:

    Just consider the two rounds expended as a Public Service Announcement. Hopefully the owner is close enough to hear the shots and to connect the dots when the dogs arrive at a run. Time will tell.

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