Joel’s AK: Now even dorkier

People throw away the damndest things! Going through the stuff at J&H’s I’m supposed to find homes for, I came upon this picatinny riser which solves a couple of problems I’ve had with the AK’s scope.
Looks even sillier than it originally did but it works better, and I’ve reached the age and station where I don’t need to worry about tacticoolity.

Also I’m cleaning up the enormous mess I made of my yard yesterday from tearing a lot of stuff out of the powershed…
That big metal shelving unit never worked out so well, it holds a lot of stuff but makes it difficult to keep things orderly and easy for rats to hide. So out it goes in favor of these smaller but more numerous plastic things.
Not happy with that central one, though, it’s already flexing under the weight. This afternoon’s task is to replace it with another I have in reserve, which I should have used in the first place.

Then I need to work on restocking my canned goods at the dollar store.

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8 Responses to Joel’s AK: Now even dorkier

  1. Cool find on the riser. Sighting is important! 🙂

  2. Paul B says:

    I’m wondering if you could take those metal cross bars, cut them down, and screw them to the inside of the plastic shelves as a stiffener

  3. M J R says:

    About the AK… One of the things I have believed for years is that if it works and it’s stupid, it ain’t stupid.

  4. Ben says:

    “… those metal cross bars, cut them down, and screw them to the inside of the plastic shelves as a stiffener”

    Or just tie wrap them in place.

  5. Kentucky says:

    We have the same shelves. I sent you a possible solution. Kinda lengthy for here.


  6. M J R says:

    Hey Joel, you thought your AK was tricked out? Ha!

  7. Paul X says:

    We brought those plastic shelves and put wife’s canned goods on them. Despite not even approaching the specified weight limit, the things sagged and caused me to have nightmares of boxes and boxes of broken canning jars on the floor, after all the effort she put into it. We bought a good steel shelf (from costco I think) and moved them over to it, now using the plastic shelves for lighter stuff that wouldn’t break if it did hit the floor. I now sleep better…

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