Just playing with the new ‘pooter…

Note to self: Need a bigger/better photo manip … app? I don’t know from apps. But either way, I figured out how to crop, copy, paste, save and post a detail from a photo sent from the iPhone, which means a whole bunch of things are working as is. This is a pretty cool machine, I just need to learn all new muscle memory tricks – it’s like going from an AK to an AR. Don’t rock the mag in, slam it in and pray it doesn’t fall out on your foot to the amusement and delight of your friends.

Note to self: Learn how to disable autocorrect. Failing that, build a time machine, go back in time and murder the person who invented autocorrect before he can do so. Till I accomplish those things, please assume that all typos you see are the fault of the computer. If I type “manip,” I mean manip and not mania. Dammit! I still mean it, no matter how many times you make me re-type it!

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12 Responses to Just playing with the new ‘pooter…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Heh. With that headline, and the lead photo, one might think that TB was having digestive issues…

    It is interesting to see he would rather have his butt on the padding in the bed, instead of his head. But then maybe he’s using the old Indian technique of keeping his ear to the ground to identify approaching animals???

  2. Sendarius says:

    If auto-correct is working too hard on “fixing” words that you use all the time, try this:

    When a word is highlighted as spelled incorrectly, right click on it, and choose “Add to dictionary” from the context menu. Voila, auto-correct subverted.

  3. Sendarius says:

    Bugger! I only read this, the latest post, then commented about auto-correct before I read further,

    If that is an Apple product, I am not even sure that you CAN right click – or more correctly “alt-click”, just is case you are left handed.

  4. Joel says:

    YouTube to my rescue, it turns out you can “right-click” by pressing on the touchpad with two fingers. Don’t ask me how it knows the difference between one finger and two. My muscle memory problem, which will correct itself within a day or two, is remembering to press the touchpad until it clicks rather than just bumping it with a finger like god intended. And I keep reaching for my mouse.

    You can add a word to the dictionary but I think you can only do that after you have leveled up by successfully disabling the autocorrect. Otherwise the computer just laughs and changes your perfectly good word to complete nonsense, the same way an (Apple!) iPhone does while texting. Apple products want your written words to send the message that you’ve just suffered a stroke or one of the more bizarre forms of psychotic episode.

  5. Joel says:

    Correction: You can add a word to the dictionary but only after you have noticed that autocorrect has changed your perfectly good word to gibberish and then you erase the “corrected” portion of the word (don’t erase and retype the whole word or the computer will just re-“correct” it) at which point the computer will sulk and redline the word as incorrect. At that point and only that point can you highlight the word and add it to the “correct” list.

  6. Miike says:

    And, people ask me why I call it a “personal confuser.” :^)

  7. Mark Matis says:

    That is most accurate, Mike, if one is referring to a product of the corporation which copyrighted “You’re holding it wrong! as the justification for why their premier device did not work correctly…

  8. Robert says:

    “Don’t rock the mag in, slam it in” and don’t insert mag using apparently-reasonable force then remove your hand prior to the slamming or or may have an indent on your hand which looks a lot like the now-empty magwell.

    Slamming something is also the temptation when auto-incorrect kicks in…

  9. Mark Matis says:

    We need to set up a fund for you and TB to attend their next one:

  10. Mark Matis says:

    And we need to get you a robot vacuum cleaner:

  11. Robert says:

    Our Roomba does a great job under the bed grabbing the voluminous fur produced by three cats. BTW, the dog in MM’s screen shot looks twice as smart as all three of our cats combined.

  12. SLee says:

    The trackpad has a definite learning curve. Your mouse should work with the Mac: after plugging it in, click on the apple in the upper left corner and select System Preferences to tweak the mouse and trackpad settings.

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