Landlady uses more firewood than I do…

It was a cold weekend, and back when we built the Meadow House we didn’t know as much about the importance of using solar gain to advantage – plus her house is bigger than the Lair. So she keeps a fire going pretty much all day when she’s here.

I cut up the two pallets I acquired from helping D&L with their wood pellets, plus some 2X4s scrounged from pulling apart an old equipment stand…

…and it didn’t make a very impressive pile.


…it filled the woodbox more than halfway. I’ll top things off with a couple of wheelbarrows worth from my woodshed and we’ll be good till next time. Next winter we’ll likely be on a juniper diet again. Must admit I prefer old lumber, but you do what you gotta do.

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6 Responses to Landlady uses more firewood than I do…

  1. bob says:

    Odd question ,but I’m fond of the taste of juniper berries in the gin I drink on occasion,so the question is does the juniper wood give off a similar aroma? Or is it a case of all the aroma just goes up the chimney.?

  2. Mike says:

    Nice, I don’t blame LL for wanting to keep the place warm. Being a sexagenarian, I keep my thermostat at 70 deg during the day year-round.

    It’s a good thing you went all-in with filling your woodshed and had enough to share.

  3. Joel says:

    Bob: Juniper smoke is quite aromatic. But yeah, when all’s going well the stove doesn’t emit any smoke indoors. So we just add scent to the outdoors.

  4. Mike says:

    So there I was on a rainy Saturday letting gun Jesus tell me about the Ishapore .410 and darn!!!! suddenly I get a cameo appearance by uncle Joel…….

  5. Joel says:

    😀 A favorite moment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The father of one of my friends had an old bolt-action rifle that he had reamed out to .410 himself. He took it pheasant hunting every year, and almost always shot his limit on opening day. 🙂

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