LB the Headless

I calculated this morning that of the six cats we’ve had here at the Gulch – all now dead – only three died in such a way as to leave a body, only two died non-violently, and only one died of old age. And that one spent her last several years inside a townie house. Conclusion: The desert isn’t a good place to be a cat person. Or a cat, for that matter.

However the Secret Lair is still equipped with a cat door, and LB does get use from it. I just set it so that it can open outward but not inward, and it’s just big enough that LB can’t get his head stuck.

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3 Responses to LB the Headless

  1. jabrwok says:

    That’s one way to cope with the consequences of a human who eats overly-ripe survival food:-).

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    That’s so funny. 🙂 Laddie would love to have a cat door like that, so he could poke his nose out. He asks to go “out” constantly during the day, but very often just smells the breeze and looks around, then backs up and goes away while I shut the door. Then, every once in a while, he’ll surprise me and dash out. But no cat door for me… steel doors and storm doors don’t lend themselves well to having holes cut in them. And the snow would get in…

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Just think of the fun if some revenooer were to approach your fortress whilst LB was slumbering, and he only awoke when the interloper reached your front door. How much of that dude’s feet do you think LB could rip off by sticking his snout through the opening?

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