Less than 2 years in and I’m already repairing my prosthesis…

It’s a dim cool rainy morning here at the Secret Lair, very undesertlike, and I’m taking this opportunity for some maintenance/repair.

I always keep some 2-part epoxy around the Lair for just such occasions. In this case…

The tightening wedge had started to break loose from the socket’s soft insert, hardly a matter that required a trained prosthetist to remedy. At the same time…

…I’d always wanted a bit more pressure on the suspension over the knee joint, and here’s where Tobie’s penchant for chewing up my favorite gloves came in handy because I never throw thin leather bits away.

2022 marks 50 years as a one-legged guy and I’m not shy about gluing bits onto my prosthesis for this or that. Does seem a bit off that I need to do that on such a new leg, but frankly this one has never really thrilled me. It works, and shows no sign of premature wear, and I love the high-tech foot despite its excessive weight, but the socket has never fit quite right. Honestly I’d have thought they’d have come up with better methods by now but it seems not.

Speaking of Tobie…

He didn’t think it was quite right for me to be camped on the bed in the middle of the day – but he has become a little more relaxed about spending time with me in the bedroom though he still refuses to spend the night there.

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One Response to Less than 2 years in and I’m already repairing my prosthesis…

  1. jabrwok says:

    Frankly I’m surprised that limb transplants aren’t a fairly common thing by now. I suppose tissue-rejection would still be an issue, but if limbs can be reattached to their original owners, and organs transplanted to new recipients, then a leg should be doable as well.

    Not likely to be within your budget though, even if it were an option:-(.

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