Let me see if I can just get my foot out of here…

Have to get moving early today, while dressing I made a bit of an addition to the usual…
…and did a bit of brooding over my lifelong ability to, with one foot already deep in my mouth, perform all the contortions needed to get the other one in there with it. Yesterday I spent hours writing a post that was almost guaranteed to unnecessarily piss off at least a small portion of TUAK’s readership, very possibly including someone who had just gone to considerable trouble to do me a solid for absolutely no better reason than because it was a nice thing to do. Never for a minute of those hours did I pause to reflect that the first couple of paragraphs might be rather ill-considered. Joat certainly didn’t deserve to be insulted for his gesture, and what I said could certainly have been taken as an insult – because, upon reflection, it really was.

People, what can I say? Nobody ever ends up a hermit in the desert because of his great people skills. It was a poor attempt at humor, and I apologize. Your harmless and possibly useful hobby is not fodder for my mocking, however gentle I may think I’m being, just because I don’t happen to share it.

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8 Responses to Let me see if I can just get my foot out of here…

  1. Claire says:

    Joat and all: I can testify from real-life experience that Joel was born without a tact gene. I can also testify that he’s one of the finest, most reliable, most decent human beings I’ve ever met.

    So if he offends (and he does), know that you’re being offended by a guy with no social graces but a great soul.

    And despite what he says, he’s goona LOVE that flashlight. Somebody sent me a different, but equally fancy and melt-your-eyeballs flashlight a few months ago and I never go anywhere without it now.

  2. Robert says:

    Huh. My Asperger’s must be acting up; I didn’t read anything insulting. And I disagree the documentation guy was off his meds; the diagram is amazing. Confusing, but amazing. The implementation person, OTOH, needs a vacation. Off, high, low, off, is good enough.

    We used the blinky mode once to mark the take-out point for paddler arriving after dark. She avoided it thinking it was a fisherman. Not very useful.

  3. Jean says:

    Offended? nope.

    P.S. I always thought the strobe selection on the new fangled flashlights is a defense feature against epileptic zombies.

  4. joat says:

    Again, I didn’t take it as an insult, and if the light doesn’t work for you well at least the other bit in the package was useful. It is a rather odd and specialized hobby deserving in some mocking but I can’t think of one that isn’t.

  5. Joel says:

    one of the finest, most reliable, most decent human beings I’ve ever met.

    For the record neither I nor as far as I know Claire have ever been to Korea, certainly not at the same time. And I don’t have a domineering mother who’s pushing me for the presidency, nor do I tend to nod off while passing the time with a game of Solitaire. So. That’s said.

  6. jed says:

    Well I’ve never been to Spain …

    For that matter, haven’t been to Oklahoma either.

    And Three Dog Night never wrote about Korea, that I can recall.

    RIP, Cory Wells.

  7. Allen says:

    I wasn’t bothered by the post. (Full blown cult member)

  8. joat says:

    I’m not just a member of the flash light cult I’m actively recruiting new members.

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