Like trying to find my way out of a cave…

August wasn’t a banner month for me to begin with, injuries always drop a bomb on my schedule, and the past two weeks have been kind of rough. What happened with Laddie depressed me more and longer than I expected; frankly I’m not normally a very sentimental person. I’ve been sitting around bingewatching old TV shows on a harddrive, and not even kicking myself over wasted time. I’m keeping up with the dailies, you know; there aren’t roaches in the dirty dishes or anything but beyond that I haven’t been much use. Gotta pull myself out of this hole.

This’ll give you some idea of how out of it I’ve been: I installed this new bypass regulator on the kitchen propane weeks ago and kept catching whiffs of propane. To ignore the smell of propane is to break one of those Rules That Must Not Be Broken but I had tested the joints and fittings with soapy water when I put it together and saw no leaks, so I only worried about it on those rare occasions when I was doing something useful outside and caught the scent. Then I forgot it again.

Turns out one of my brand-new hoses was defective and venting expensive dangerous gas, and I found the leak almost by accident. Gotta order another 2-foot hose before I can use both of the big propane bottles that don’t really fit the bedroom regulator very well.

Maybe I’ve just subconsciously decided I’m emotionally done with this summer: I wouldn’t normally give winter preps a thought for at least another month. I like summer and dislike winter – but this summer has turned into a suckfest so one of the voices decided it was time to start gathering firewood. In the course of every day I look out for chances to scrounge old lumber to cut up in the autumn; some seasons it can make quite a pile. This summer not so much but there was still some, and this morning out of the blue I hauled out the chopsaw and cut it to stove lengths.

That naturally got me to thinking about my axe and hatchet, both of which needed edges.

If I don’t get out of my funk pretty quick I’ll find myself fixing the woodshed’s stone floor and pulling pallets apart. Too early in the season for that but I can no longer ignore how poorly written and acted a lot of Babylon 5 dialog really is.

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9 Responses to Like trying to find my way out of a cave…

  1. Ben says:

    What’s going on with your hot water heater?

  2. RB in GA says:

    Okay, you definately need to get out of your funk if you’re dissing Babylon 5. 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    What, Londo’s over the top? Andreas Katsula as G’Kar simply rocked. Heckuva ending.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As much as we love B5, let’s admit it.
    And if it bothers you, don’t ever watch Babylon 5: Crusade.

  5. doubletrouble says:

    I was in your place when we lost our Bear; chin up, brother…
    Best, dt

  6. Swami Rabbitima says:

    “I can no longer ignore how poorly written and acted a lot of Babylon 5 dialog really is.”


  7. Anonymous says:

    Have you watched the remake of Battlestar Gallactica?

  8. Joel says:

    The second BG series, you mean? I saw parts of it. Confusing but interesting.

  9. Richard says:

    Don’t ignore urges to lay in stock for hard times. Frequently your subconscious recognizes patterns your conscious mind overlooks or ignores.

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