Little Bear missed out on his morning Jeep ride…

…because of the fiduciary incompetence of his human. A cascading effect of my inadvertent attempt to spend the same money twice resulted in: A trip to the Happy Place to buy a crappy nylon holster, which resulted in missing my Monday Morning Water Run, which resulted in rationed gasoline for the Jeep, which resulted in LB standing beside a brand-new cliff rather than luxuriating in the Jeep’s shotgun seat as nature intended.

Lemme ‘splain.

A week ago Sunday I put in an Amazon order for a holster for my .22 pistol, along with a couple of other things. I had no idea how much money was in the bank, but it was more than enough for that.

The following Monday I bought a bunch of stuff at the hardware store, including very expensive paint. It emptied the bank account but I didn’t worry about it; surely that Amazon order had already cleared.

Well, it hadn’t. Amid a shower of nastygrams from Amazon, I was still short one needed holster. So yesterday I accepted an offered ride to the town about 35 miles away, which boasts a halfway decent gun shop. (I have always been perplexed at the paucity of gun shops in this very gun-friendly area.) Unfortunately that trip was scheduled for the afternoon, and D&L bumped the morning water run to the afternoon because they were using the cool morning to re-stucco their workshop. I had to choose, and I chose the holster which by this time I was practically obsessing over. I did consider the fact that all my jerry cans are empty, but dismissed it because the Jeep’s gas tank isn’t.

Alas, this gun shop is heavy on Blackhawk holsters, bags’o’nylon only slightly superior in my mind to Uncle Mike’s shit. I’d hesitate to show up at a militia meetup wearing one, but whatever. I’m no longer a tactical fashion plate, and it’s better than what I had.

But being without gasoline reserves, LB and I were going to have to stop throwing it around quite so much. At a minimum, it would do us no harm to do the morning chicken chores by shank’s mare.

Except for one brief visit with Landlady the day after the flood, I haven’t been in this part of the wash on foot since it got rearranged. And I’d forgotten that the path up the bank on her side of the wash isn’t there any more.

The place where it used to be also isn’t as easy to identify because there used to be a fence there, anchored with heavy timbers. And with one exception they’re not there anymore either.

In the fullness of time as the sand loosens back up we’ll wear another, slightly steeper path. The cattle are already being of some use in that regard. Maybe I should even hang a rope there; at the moment I have lots.

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6 Responses to Little Bear missed out on his morning Jeep ride…

  1. Andrew says:

    Well, regarding the holster, to paraphrase a famous phrase, “If it’s cheap crap, but it works, then it really isn’t cheap crap.”

    Blackhawk isn’t a bad brand. It’s just, in most cases, not a great brand. And, like a cheap set of sunglasses, if you lose or destroy your BH craptastic, you won’t be banging your head on the walls and wailing for the loss of your precious.

    So, what holster did you really want? I am curious because I am starting to look for one for my Ruger MkBeforetheycameoutwiththeMkIVyoubastards.

  2. Joel says:

    I’ve become sold on Kydex holsters, or at least plastic ala Fobus. I know some people like to talk them down but I’ve had good luck with Fobus holsters. And bad luck with nylon holsters, though in truth this one will probably be fine as long as the plastic thing that masquerades as a belt loop doesn’t come off. It’s made for a slightly narrower belt than mine and is kind of a tight squeeze – though that’s an advantage once it’s finally on the belt since it doesn’t want to slide around. I hate the sliding around.

  3. spokes says:

    What make, model of handgun are wanting holster for?

  4. Joel says:

    Well, I don’t need one anymore, this one will do. But this is the gun here, a Ruger Mk[something] 22/45.

  5. Andrew says:

    Thank you for what type of holster you prefer. I have seen some hideous molds growing on plasti-cloth stuff here in extremely humid Central Florida (which is a completely different state than the Florida that keeps on showing up in the news, for the most part.) Not having to bleach my gear every month or so from me sweating on it, and Gaia (the bitch) sweating on it, would make me much happier. Plastic/Kydex I am used to.

    And, yeah, having things slide and rub is not cool. Again, here in humidity central, you can get ‘crotch rot’ on the most interesting non-crotch portions of your body. Bleh.

  6. Ruth says:

    Amazon doesn’t charge till it’s ready to ship. So if you haven’t gotten a shipped notification you can safely assume they haven’t pulled the money yet. Which, as you discovered, can be annoying as heck sometimes, but has also saved me some frustration on occasion too.

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