Little Bear would enjoy this, but I definitely wouldn’t

Landlady has one of those dogs with far more energy than sense. Tiring her out so that people can sleep through the night is a definite requirement, but she’s a townie dog without a job to do, y’know? Sometimes when she comes out here Landlady’ll actually make her get out of the car and chase it for a couple of miles, but you can’t do that in the city. Going for walks isn’t enough, dog parks aren’t enough, so Landlady thought ‘why not have her tow my bicycle?’

Turns out that’s actually a thing.


I’d be tempted to try this with LB, but I already tried a motorized bicycle and the dirt roads shook it (and me) to pieces. Plus when you hit the soft sand of the wash crossings on a bike, dramatic and unfortunate things happen. I’ll bet LB would dig it on pavement, though.

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3 Responses to Little Bear would enjoy this, but I definitely wouldn’t

  1. Joe in Reno says:

    See the 3rd dog back? The black and white one with the BIG stick in his mouth…. I suspect the cyclist is about to get a nasty surprise as puppy fetches it to him! Probably right in the spokes!

  2. Joel says:

    :) Actually I think that’s part of the tow lead. The article mentions fairly elaborate precautions to keep the lead from going into the spokes, so there’s usually either a long rigid bit or a sort of tower lifting the lead away from the wheel.

  3. jc2k says:

    It’s the perfect post-apocalyptic bug out vehicle. I did a youtube search for bikejoring – this video more clearly shows the equipment:

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