Little house by the river…

It rained hard and long during the wee hours. Even so I wouldn’t have guessed the wash would run at all, let alone flood. It must have rained even harder over the plateau to the east.

I took these pics on Tobie’s first-thing-in-the-morning walky at five. Forgive the bad light, the flood never stays at its peak for long.

The view from my driveway…

The view from Ian’s front yard…

Jumped the bank and flooded the space between the arms of the U-turn again. Glad I got that driftwood out of there.

Little House by the River 🙂

I didn’t expect this so early in the season but I’m glad it happened. I use the wash for transportation but it hasn’t flooded in 3 years, and the sand had gotten too soft and deep for comfortable driving or walking.

I just hope this happening so early in the season doesn’t mean this is going to be one of those monsoons, where I’m constantly digging out the drainage ditches and every day is an exercise in cursing mud.

I also hope I still have a shooting range.

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