Long, productive day.

We got the roof sheathing done. M build the boxes for the castellated gingerbread on the top, and then we finished sheathing all around except for the top part of the front. We’re stuck on that because of a little problem with the front trusses.

We can still put up the trusses for the dining room, and as far as I know that’s the plan for tomorrow. But we’re hung up on the porch trusses, because it turns out they’re not here. The truss company read the plans and came up with an entirely different, and entirely wrong, idea of what the porch roof would look like. So now we’re stuck on those for maybe a week and a half.

We’ve only got another day and a half with Landlady and M here, and I don’t know know how much more we’re going to get done. But we did pretty good in seven days.

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