Made another shot at the mesa later in the morning…

…and all I can say about that is that a 4WD is pretty much a requirement for getting anything done around here. Most of the time you can get along without it if you’re careful where you go. But when you need it nothing else will do.

Mud flies when you’re having fun. Or even just driving along minding your own business.

And for those safety-mongers among the commenters who’ve been after me about porch and stair traction…

I’m going to replace more of the skateboard tape on the top tread of the stair as money and opportunity allow, but the worst is already gone. There’s a handhold all the way down, and at least some measure of traction material on every surface. If this thing puts me on my ass again during the sloppy season it’s because I’m not watching what I’m doing.

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4 Responses to Made another shot at the mesa later in the morning…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    First things first, of course. How are you doing on $$$ to fix the Jeep when the opportunity presents itself? Has anyone weighed in on the expected cost for doing so in your neck of the woods? And is that likely to be a “I’ll wait while you fix it”, or “The parts you need might get here in about two weeks”?

  2. coloradohermit says:

    I bet the dogs were really happy to see you!

  3. Joel says:

    Oh, yeah. Bucky was by far the most standoffish but now he’s the most obnoxious in that he’s as anxious to get into my lap as Taz but three times the size and weight.

  4. safety-monger says:

    A bucket of sand/dirt/gravel next to your front door and a shovel to use as needed would also help. The hand rail is a good start. It needs some additional pieces to be sure you can grab it and it will hold if you fall. A rail on the other side would give you a second chance. People get tired, they mis-judge distances and once your foot/feet go out from under you it’s easy to get badly hurt very quickly. Hope you will give more thought and attention to this. You can’t be too safe.

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