Maybe not the best application for rope…

We had a nice neighborhood get-together at Ian’s range on Saturday…

…and that always leaves Uncle Joel with repairs and adjustments. Only had one broken chain on the gongs, and that chicken wire on the paper target rack has turned out to be a very good idea. But I did run into one unexpected problem…

The racks are set in concrete but the concrete is set in nothing but silt, and since the floods of 3 years ago the wash geometry has changed to where water can flow right to the bases of the racks.

Never used to happen, they were on a raised part of the wash but the raised part of the wash washed away. So, since a flood 2 years ago that knocked down one of my brand-new racks, I have tied them together and to the nearest juniper. Figured that would keep them from washing away entirely like my storebought shooting bench did in the ’17 flood.

But I didn’t account for the cumulative effect of bullet fragments rapidly departing from the metallic targets. They have worn nearly through the knots in both ropes.

Looks like if I make some chain loops there then tie the ropes to the loops, that should keep it from happening again. Anyway those rope are starting to get a little weathered and should be replaced entirely.

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2 Responses to Maybe not the best application for rope…

  1. Mike says:

    Joel, have you ever considered replacing the ropes with light cable then use an anchor driven into the rock on one side and wrap the cable around the juniper on the other? Or, you could weld a ring on top of a 3-foot piece of rebar and drive that into the ground next to the juniper.

  2. Ben says:

    Cable is good, and if soil conditions permit, this seems like the perfect application for a screw in guy anchor. If the area erodes, just screw it in further.

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