More hay…

The weather is going to hell here, as I gather it is over the bulk of the continent. D&L decided to take this last dry day to refill their hay room…

…and they told me about it this morning before the regular Monday water run, so I (thought I) was ready. But by the time they got their flatbed with the hay home, the wind was blowing half a gale and rising…

…and every time it gusted the barn filled with manure-laden dust picked up from the floor. I need a bath very badly now.

But in the deal I scored a bale of straw, which the Big Chickenhouse needed in the worst way. So I wasn’t done getting covered with dirt and desiccated shit. I had to rake out the chickenhouse several times till I hit dirt. Then I dragged in the straw bale and spread flakes around…

…and once the hens stop being afraid of it they’ll have lots of fun kicking it around. By the time I see it again it’ll be evenly spread – and the chickenhouse won’t smell like chicken shit anymore.

And now I need to tend the woodstove for tomorrow morning, because tomorrow’s supposed to be 25-30 degrees colder than today and it was none too warm today. And then I need a very thorough bath and change of clothes.

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2 Responses to More hay…

  1. Zelda says:

    Have you ever considered wearing insulated coveralls with a protective hat, knit or something else? The coveralls would protect you and your clothes/underwear, could be shaken out, but would be more difficult to wash when you finally had to in spring.

    Do you use straw or hay?

  2. Joel says:

    I don’t like coveralls – they were common work clothing when I was young but I find them a pain in the ass when dealing with certain bodily functions, plus I carry a bunch of stuff on my belt.

    Straw or hay for what? I use straw on the chicken house floor and loose waste hay in the nesting boxes.

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