More Plumbing at Ian’s

Sometimes I think my motto, if I started having a motto, ought to be “People throw away the damndest things.”

In our latest exciting adventure in profiting from other people’s stuff, somebody is replacing their washer and dryer. And looking for a place for the old set other than the landfill.

Just so happens I know a likely place…

And so this morning I made the plumbing in Ian’s utility closet even more convoluted than it already was.

By wild coincidence it appears I’m going to get a trip the big town about 50 miles away, where there’s a Lowe’s, in the next couple of days. While there I hope to score what I need to tee off the propane plumbing. But in the meantime I already have everything I need to put up a new clothesline.

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8 Responses to More Plumbing at Ian’s

  1. Ben says:

    Washer and dryer? What kind of Manly Mountain Man are you?

  2. Joel says:

    😀 One who gets his clothes dirty?

  3. Robert says:

    Joel: I think you mean one who gets his clothes clean. All MMM get their clothes dirty. I remember reading the springtime cleaning would be a de-lousing by tossing the duds on top of an ant nest where anty-gluttony would hopefully occur.

    My late father was a Master Plumber; he might opine that your plumbing is “interesting”. Hey, if the supplies move water, it’s not too shabby.

  4. Joel says:

    Yeah, I’m just adding to the ‘interesting’ plumbing that’s already there. I’m guilty of nothing in that picture but the faucets. 🙂

  5. Robert says:

    “It was like that when I got here!” 🙂

    Went on a homeowner-started build with my Dad where we were called in to fix things to the inspector’s satisfaction. After two minutes of eyeballing the situation, my Dad said “Boy, go get the sawzall and the big extension cord.” Joke was on us; the owner’s electrical prowess was no better than his plumbing. We eventually found a breaker that wouldn’t immediately trip…

  6. Jc Collins says:

    Ain’t Sharkbite fittings neat!

  7. Spud says:

    Jc Collins, yeah they’re neat and lot’s of “handy men” use them too. Though expensive they are. The manufacturer will tell however, that they are meant to be used as a temporary repair in an emergency. As those little stainless clips in contact with the copper will corrode and let go given time…
    No sweat and you’ll regret… eventually lol

  8. Robert says:

    Spud: What about with PEX? See, my landlord does his own plumbing; he’s a retired electrician. He lives in the basement and I live upstairs and … oh, wait. Nevermind.

    “temporary repair” No such thing. All temporary repairs become permanent. I renewed the duct tape hull patch on my beloved first canoe whenever the seepage became excessive. Sold it for a good cause 20 (30?) years later telling the guy “You’ll probably wanna redo that patch before the kids take it out. Um, it IS quiet water, right?”.

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