Morning rounds

Swear it’s starting to look like it might take the traditional month before I shake the aftereffects of that bit of sickness in December. I’m short of energy, my neck’s still stiff, my back’s been singing to me since Tuesday, and all I want is to sit. But some little things still need to get done, mostly having to do with chickens and firewood.

I checked Landlady’s firewood earlier in the week, her indoor rack is full but the outdoor bin was nearly empty. So yesterday after chicken chores I stacked some wood in the Jeep, hoping it was enough to fill the bin…

Turned out, not so by half. The original revised plan was to just do it again: Put wood in the Jeep this morning and drive it over tomorrow, thus saving gas. But now it seems for various reasons I need a second trip anyway.

Up the ridge to check on the ladies…

They look terrible right now. This is their first full year as mature hens, so they were in for their first good molt. While they’re molting they’re about useless but they still expect to be watered and fed for some reason.

I keep their water in the powershed, which seldom goes below freezing because of the outgassing batteries. I have to haul their water from the Lair because there’s no water pressure up near the Big Chickenhouse. And filling water bottles normally needs to be done in the afternoon because of ice. Last night was overcast and the faucet probably didn’t freeze, but that was reason one for thinking I’ll need a second trip today.

Reason two has to do with that game camera, which so far hasn’t scored me anything entertaining. Because I’ve been under the weather I’ve just set it in and around the Lair’s yard and that’s not really a target-rich environment. I want some game pictures in the game camera.

And this time of year, I know what ought to be a foolproof place to get some.


The cattle watering station down by the wash is shut down for the winter, but the tank is still full so the new trough is still full. Being made of a big truck tire that holds the sun heat, it’s not prone to freeze and it’s the only reliable open water I know of for miles around. Once the cattle are gone, the deer and elk return and you know they know that trough is there. So this morning I checked it out.

Plenty of tracks and a little fresh scat: This ought to be an easy win for the gamecam. Anyway, after a bit of a rest I’m going to load the water bottle, some wood and the gamecam back into the Jeep and re-do morning chores. Strap the camera to that wooden fence and leave it there for a couple of days, and I’ll bet we got good shots.

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4 Responses to Morning rounds

  1. billf says:

    Cheers to you Joel,for doing your chores in spite of not feeling up to it. Character is what you do when no one’s looking!

  2. Robert says:

    “Character is what you do when no one’s looking!”
    What I do when no one is looking is take a nap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for letting us take that little trip with you. Very enjoyable.

  4. Mike says:

    Good on you Joel. It’s a special kind of person who doesn’t quit because they’re tired, they quit when the job is done.

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