Must be Spring…

I’ve been waiting to see if the Prickly Pear were going to bloom this year, and it looks like the answer is yes and in a big way. Yesterday morning Landlady came over for coffee before heading back to the city and told me that one hidden under a juniper beside the path to the Lair was jumping the gun…

…and that sent me looking later at some bigger patches out in the sun; they’re budding like crazy but aren’t ready for the show yet.

Another sign of Spring, less welcome with every passing year it seems: My allergies are going nuts. Nose was streaming to an embarrassing degree as we set out on this morning’s water run…

…and after ten minutes in the truck’s AC it dried up entirely. Now I’m back out in the pollen-strewn breeze and it’s right back at it.

Whatever: I need to get some range time before the wind picks up this afternoon and make sure a couple of things are sighted in because I got some news yesterday: Ian’s coming to the Gulch next weekend to shoot video, and he’s bringing toys! I gather maybe the range he normally uses is still closed, or maybe I misunderstood that, but either way he’ll need somebody to help futz with cameras and he’s bringing fancier targets than we usually see up here – as well as probably a Forgotten Weapon or six. Good times!

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9 Responses to Must be Spring…

  1. Judy says:

    Loratadine – non-drowsy, doesn’t raise your blood pressure, one-a-day, can get it at Wally-world, fairly inexpensive, brand name Claritin. The only down-side I have found with it, is it will take a few days to kick in because it is for long term relief. And for some reason in Hubby’s family it takes at least two a day to get the same relief I get with one. They actually do better on Allegra/fexofenadine type antihistamines.

  2. John in Philly says:

    You casually mentioned range time with Ian.
    If I knew I was going to be on the range with Ian my voice would get so high pitched that only dogs could hear me.

    Range time with Ian. Totally awesome.

  3. Wayne Dygert says:

    Damn I’m jealous. Getting to hang out with Ian AND his toys!!! BTW if the other antihistamines don’t do the job diphenhydramine (Benadryl) almost certainly will but it screws with your bloodpressure, kidneys, and prostate. At 73 I’m more concerned with the side effects than I might once have been.

  4. John of the GMA says:

    If folklore is to be believed this monsoon should be something. Just got back from Superior and the saguaros are blossoming to beat the band.

  5. Norman says:

    A chance to re-verify zero on, uh, “certain” TB-Protective PDWs. Do you have a range card for the Lair?

  6. matismf says:

    Our Betters are insisting that this year will be a drought like never seen before in the West!

  7. Joel says:

    Do you have a range card for the Lair?

    I have markers out to 400 yards at the range but never saw the need for a range card at the Lair, no.

  8. Besides loratadine, there is also fexofenadine, brand name Allegra. Also non-drowsy, but starts working in 30 minutes or so. You can buy it cheap-ish as a generic.

  9. Paul Joat says:

    I saw a video from Ian with the targets he got, it’s a big range upgrade.

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