My ebike has never yet stranded me away from home…

It has, however, just barely gotten me home on quite a number of occasions.

In this particular case, a quick trip to town from the county road went without incident. But when I took the bike off its rack to store it in Ian’s place, the rear tire was completely flat.

The problem was originally caused by a tiny spring I picked up, probably on the return trip…

But before I found that I tried to air the tire up and suffered a big blowout for no discernible reason.

So much for fixing that tube. Fortunately I stocked spares early in the season.

I did have to go to Youtube to figure out how to get the rear wheel off the bike in the first place; it wasn’t obvious just how that should be done. All my previous tire problems have been on the front, a fact that has always kind of worried me. But now that I’ve gained experience in the comfort of Ian’s Cave, it won’t worry me any more.

And now it’s starting to rain; I’ll worry about getting things properly together later in the afternoon, weather permitting.

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8 Responses to My ebike has never yet stranded me away from home…

  1. czechsix says:

    Look into foam filling for those tires. Alternately try looking into tubeless tire systems. You won’t get pinch flats any more, plus they run a sealant that normally takes care of small punctures.

  2. Paul B says:

    Not sure about the sealants. They have had them for a while for bikes. But tuff tubes are good. That could be a good addition.

  3. Joel says:

    I have a prejudice against foam filling because I’ve seen the effect it can have on the balance of car tires. But considering the speed with which I’ve been going through tubes lately I believe I’m going to give it a try. Already have some, just didn’t use it.

  4. Herman says:

    Don’t know if they make them in whatever size your bike takes, but I’ve had good luck with Armadillo tires; got driven nuts with the little punctures, like staples and, to your example, briars. The big stuff – nails, drywall screws, etc. – still get through but the little stuff doesn’t.

    I never used the “squirt-in goop”, I just carry a patch kit, a spare tube or two in case the patch kit doesn’t work, a pair of tire spoons and a lightweight pump.

  5. SoCoRuss says:

    Yea, my 3rd flat tire was the rear on my Rad Rover . Thanks to you tube got it done faster than I thought i would. Don’t you wish they would make thorn resistant fat tire tubes. I added Mr Tuffy XL liners and so far, knock on wood, I haven’t had repeats,……… yet….

  6. Big Wooly says:

    Oh, No!! Due to a laptop crash, I have lost copies of your books, and can’t find them on your site any more. Please advise me as to where I might find these lost treasures!


  7. Ben says:

    I have used mr Tuffy liners, and am ambivalent (at least for my area). They are probably good (necessary even) in thorny areas, but they won’t do much against any sharp metal object.

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