My god, that’s shameless.

:) Have you seen this?

Remember those republicans who went on and on for seven years about how Obamacare would doom the republic and lead to socialized “single payer” medicine and all the puppies would die, so we should all run out and vote republicans into office immediately so they could save the day, because they were all, singlemindedly, determined, to a man and woman, to the repeal of O’care and the restoration of truth, justice, and the American Way? I mean, they just couldn’t sleep at night, they were so passionate about the repeal of O’care.

And then they got into office – pretty much every office – and when people said, “Okay, now repeal Obamacare,” they all looked nervously around and muttered, “But, the law is the law.” Because now that they were in power, they couldn’t think of a single thing they wanted to change.

Yeah, those guys. Guess what they’re running on for the mid-terms?

Dig that crazy ominous narrator. Why, a fellow could almost get the idea that repubs think this is important. Unless he’d been awake at any point in the past couple of months.

This is just sad. This is a great country, and it deserves a far better class of dysfunctional kleptocratic losers to rule it than it currently has. We should start a pre-election draft in north Korea, or maybe Turkmenistan. Possibly the Saudis have some princes they could do without for a while.

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  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Indeed. Had a short discussion with someone trying to convince me how wonderful it was for Trump to be “president.” I told her I didn’t want or need any president. Didn’t matter what they said or how sincere they were about it. Could she figure out how to have anyone SHE wanted to rule her life, but leave me alone to rule my own? She thought about it, and was honest enough to say it didn’t work that way. Hell, I already KNEW that. shit.

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