My usual 20-minute morning chicken chore took three hours…

There’s a young couple who own a parcel right on the road from my driveway to the “main” road. They come up and camp sometimes and I’ll stop and say hi. We got more snow overnight, which means we currently have 1.8 imperial shit tons of snow, to the point where it’s becoming a burden to even drive. I moved the Jeep to Ian’s turnaround yesterday so I wouldn’t have as much trouble getting up the ridge, and damned if I still didn’t have trouble getting the rest of the way up the ridge. Too much snow.

So I finally succeeded, and on my way down the road what to my wondering eyes should appear but that young couple and their tent! By my thermometer it hit 14o last night. They waved: I waved back but I was already past and didn’t know if they saw me.

It occurred to me on my way back, after chicken chores, that they could have been interpreted as rather frantically waving. I decided I should not only wave on my way past but stop to say hi. Couldn’t help noticing that their truck’s hood was open when I got there, putting another log on the “Yeah, that was frantic” fire.

Big diesel truck, both batteries dead. “Can you give us a jump?” I can try, but it isn’t going to work.

It didn’t work. So then I went home and got the generator and some gasoline, a couple of extension cords, a battery charger and my Battery Minder. With the duplex outlet on one cord I could plug in their batteries and their block heater, but I don’t know if they have winter fuel in that thing. If they don’t, there’s towing in their future.

Since I had so completely drained the Honda it took a long embarrassing time to get started. But when it finally hit, it ran like a champ. Now I’ve left them with all my stuff and we’ll see if that fixes their problem. If not I can’t tow that truck with the Jeep through all this slop: The transmission is too worn. So I’ll have to get other neighbors involved. Personally I think the campers are about to meet the neighbors.

Oh! And look what my babies left me!

That’s the second and third eggs the new Leghorns have popped out! Gave the first one to Neighbor L a couple of days ago: After all they’re technically her birds. There will be eggs this winter! I had wondered.

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5 Responses to My usual 20-minute morning chicken chore took three hours…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Was their dog still with them? Or has he expired? Or are these DIFFERENT new neighbors?

  2. Joel says:

    It turns out they have two dogs including the one who came to visit a few months ago.

  3. free.and.true says:

    They’re lucky to have a good neighbor with good tools. Nice work, Joel.

  4. Howard says:

    I have found that if the temp is below 20 my honda 2000 are enough of a pain to start because they tend to shut down on the low oil switch until the oil is fully fluid. The Honda tech agrees with my assessment. I keep one gen under the kitchen table and swap them out on cold days. We had 22 at dawn but it was about 33 at midnight. Supposed to have -15 by Thursday night here in the Copper Basin Alaska.

  5. Mike says:

    Ah, the excitement of adventure camping. Not sure about anyone else on this blog, but my idea of winter camping is staying in a hotel somewhere in the tropics. I had to winter camp as part of winter warfare training while in the military. I hated it then just as I hate the thought of it now.

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