Neighbor L’s Back!

And happy as a clam to be back. She had lurid tales of getting stuck in that rehab center, which at first wasn’t bad at all but then they had the covid outbreak and I gather from the story that the place turned into hell on earth. Half the staff stopped coming to work and they shoved all the positives into one wing with one nurse between them, and L hadn’t had a hot meal in weeks. Anyway, they shucked her out of there as soon as somebody decided she wasn’t shedding virus, and she was quite happy to go. First stop, Wendy’s.

See, this is why I try very hard not to break bones.

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7 Responses to Neighbor L’s Back!

  1. Ben says:

    A cautionary tale indeed!

  2. Terrapod says:

    Sounds like a good soul and feisty lady. Congratulate her on escaping the bedlam and I hope both she and her husband fully recover. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold..

  3. Judy says:

    If the clinic where Daughter is doing her Post Doc is any indication, the management sent half the staff home even though they didn’t have any symptoms. Reasons being, they were un-vaxxed or they had been within 6 feet of whoever had it.

    Glad to read L is home and no worse for the wear.

  4. “See, this is why I try very hard not to break bones.”

    No kidding. I’m learning the hard way. Sucks.

  5. Mike says:

    That’s wonderful news about neighbor L, Joel. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong in thinking it would be a while before she came back.

  6. coloradohermit says:

    Sending L hugs.

  7. Goober says:

    Re: first stop, Wendy’s…

    Reminds me of when I get back from extended backcountry trips. You exhaust fresh food in the first couple of days, since you have no way of keeping it cool and so you’re risking serious foodborne illness to eat it past day 2. So day’s 3 through ten all involve various shelf-stable variations of spongy cardboard. No canned goods, they’re too heavy, and everything you’ve got, you’re carrying on your back, so every ounce counts. It’s freeze-dried Mountain house and whatever fresh trout you can catch out of the streams in whatever spare time you have between humping for miles and trying to find an elk.

    By the time you come out of there, you’re ready for the biggest, greasiest hamburger you can get your paws on, with a side of biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns and a pizza chaser.

    Luckily, it’s usually the early season so I’m in there in August and early september, so I can get a bath every day in the lakes or streams, so at least I’m not going into the restaurants smelling to high heaven…

    Of course, if you do manage to get an elk, you can’t hardly beat fried elk heart steaks. But you’re still missing the fresh onion…

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