Never thought I’d be happy to see mud.

Temp in the shade scraped the bottom edge of fifty today! I went to town with D&L without the usual six layers, wearing my canvas coat more as a gun burka than out of a need to stay warm. We’re promised another week of sunshine, so the nights are still cold as hell and I’ll be surprised if I get my running water back any time soon. But even the overnight temps have crept up into the teens. By comparison, it’s great.

D and I were talking about heat tapes on the trip. He and L have this elaborate contraption for keeping the supply pipe to their cistern from freezing, and one of their heat tapes crapped out allowing the pipe to freeze again. We talked about ways to get electricity where it needs to be (his heat tape’s thermostat is down near the outlet, which is underground and not exposed to the same cold as the pipe, which turned out not to be a very good arrangement), and it occurred to me that karma had for once worked in my favor. I spent considerable time last winter running electricity into Landlady’s valve house so I could put a heat tape on her supply pipe, and now she’s my primary source of water since hers is still working fine. Irony’s wonderful stuff: When I still lived on her property, I generally came and got my water at the Lair. Right now it’s the other way around.

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  1. Joe in Reno says:

    Self regulating heat cable beats the hell out of the old style flat heat tape with thermostat. You cut it to length and attach the plug assembly. No t-stat. The cable itself regulates the heat and only in the areas that need it and only as much heat as needed.. The stuff lasts for ever. Just don’t overlap it or it will keep shutting itself off at that point.

    Like these:

  2. Keith says:


    I managed to get a 4 wheel drive tractor stuck in snow twice today. resting on its belly both times with all 4 wheels spinning.

    I managed to free it once myself, pal came out with his Hagglunds and pulled me out the second time.

    I ended up towing him and his Hagglunds home – crappy unleaded only lasts 6 weeks and what was in his tank had gone off. curse those watermelons. I’ve suggested that pal invests in some good, old fashioned, leaded AvGas.

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