Nice lenses.

I don’t know anything about the comparative value of camera brands or models. I don’t know very much about cameras: When I read a review most of it may as well be in Urdu. But I have figured out that one quick’n’dirty way to determine whether a lens is complete crap

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…is to look at whether it can see the moon in daylight.

I was out getting firewood at noon when I happened to look up and see that the moon is in the first quarter. On a whim I left the bucket in the woodshed and went inside for that nice digital camera somebody gave me last year. Stuck the mem card in the laptop, and sure enough: The moon was almost as discernible on the pic as it was in real life.

Pretty cool!

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2 Responses to Nice lenses.

  1. Mike says:

    The photo of the crescent moon is a nice demonstration of a good camera/lens combination. With a little practice and experimentation, your photos will get better and better. That’s the nice thing about a digital SLR, there is no film cost to worry about so you can play to your heart’s content.

  2. boynsea says:

    That’s pretty good depth of field there. Good camera

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