Nice shootin’ there, Tex.

I am not a large black male. This is not a grey Nissan Titan. Don't shoot, officer.

I am not a large black male. This is not a grey Nissan Titan. Don’t shoot, officer.

Manhunt: Newspaper carrier, 71, in ICU after being shot by police

The officers riddled the women’s blue pickup with bullets in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue. Carranza was also hit, according to attorney Glen T. Jonas, and received stitches to a finger.

“The problem with the situation is it looked like the police had the goal of administering street justice and in so doing, didn’t take the time to notice that these two older, small Latina women don’t look like a large black man,” Jonas said.

Dorner is black, 6 feet tall and weighs 270 pounds.

Yeah, that’s just the lawyer talking for the cameras before the huge lawsuit. The story I read yesterday was that the cops were standing security for one of the more important Only Ones in the early morning when this truck drove slowly past without lights. Which is what newspaper carriers do. That was all the evidence the cops needed to unload their “personal defense weapons” into the back of the truck. I’ve a feeling the department will try hard to keep the disciplinary hearings quiet. I’ve a feeling it’ll fail.

The expression “good enough for government work” never seemed so apt.

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7 Responses to Nice shootin’ there, Tex.

  1. kungfukowboy says:

    I was going to do the usual sarcastic “Cops are the only ones with proper training” schtick, but I just don’t have it in me any more. If you or I did that, we would likely be dead, what will they get for shooting those folks up? A few months off with pay? Screw them with a jagged 2×4.

  2. Scott says:

    There’s no call to slander the great state of Texas here. I have no doubt we have our share of Fifes, but they ain’t these.

  3. Joel says:

    Sorry about that, Scott. It’s only an expression. No allegation of actual Texanhood on the part of the shooters is expressed or implied on the part of TUAK, its staff or management.

  4. KA9VSZ says:

    I was wondering when a Texan would take umbrage. I would like to see news stories with some actual, whaddyacallit, information in ’em. Such as how the heck do you mistake two small females for one large male? Sigh. I used to live in San Diego; thank goodness I moved to flatland and sold the truck.

  5. Buck. says:

    Only cops and military should have guns. If that had been the case this would never have happened to these unarmed WOMEN DELIVERING ASSAULT NEWSPAPERS while the cops were chasing one of their own who just happens to be one of the Navy’s own.

  6. Bear says:

    But it was a high capacity pickup… of a different model and color than the suspect’s. In a different area. Do you realize how many newspapers they could load into that thing? Besides, two little Latina ladies probably mass about as much as a 270 pound black ex-cop/ex-Navy guy.

    And 71yo minus 47yo equals 24, which is close to 33 years old.

    It was perfectly understandable over-reaction. 26+ rounds into the back of a truck moving away seems reasonable.

    (Gads, this bitter sarcasm is coming ‘way too easy anymore. Maybe these Torrance clowns can get a job in Loveland Colorado where they can deal with serious threats like hand grenades.)

  7. B C says:

    Members of the steroid enhanced blue line mistaking a couple of small women for a fellow steroid enhanced individual, seems to be an international thing:

    Take a look at the costumed clown in the picture here;

    He’s in Britain, looking for a thirty something year old body builder / nightclub bouncer, who would have weighed the springs of that little car down far enough to be obvious; look where his finger is, and think how aware of his surroundings he isn’t while he’s looking through those optics

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