North Dakota!

North Dakota Governor Signs Concealed Carry Bill Into Law

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Republican Gov. Doug Burgum has signed legislation that will allow most adults to carry a hidden firearm without a permit, making North Dakota one of about a dozen “constitutional carry” states.

The bill signed into law late Thursday will allow law-abiding people 18 and older to forgo background checks and classes that are now required. The legislation only requires someone carrying a concealed weapon to have a valid ID and notify law enforcement of the weapon during instances such as a traffic stop

This makes approximately 13 permit-free states, though some retain vestigial infringements that don’t quite meet the purist definition of “constitutional carry.”

Since I don’t care about the constitution – while acknowledging that the second amendment at least gives gun rights legal activists a place to stand – I just want to know “Do they demand a permit to do this?” As of August 1 ND joins the growing list of states in which the answer is “No.”

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5 Responses to North Dakota!

  1. joe tentpeg says:

    “…while acknowledging that the second amendment at least gives gun rights legal activists a place to stand….”

    Good post!

    Just a techie caveat.

    ‘Natural Law’ and the ‘Creator’ are what the founders stated ‘gives’ us our right to bear arms, as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    The second amendment tells Uncle Sugar that he has no authority to restrict (‘infringe’) this right.

  2. Kentucky says:

    Absolutely true.

    Anything a government can give, it can also take.

    What has happened is we have allowed government to come to believe it rules us as it sees fit.

  3. Robert says:

    An aside: Wisconsin has “constitutional open carry”. State permission required for concealed. State just told the city they can’t ban carry on city buses. School district is considering hiring private buses for the students who might otherwise be exposed to concealed guns on city buses cuzza those bloodthirsty CCW permit holders. I guess the gang-bangers with stolen guns in their waistbands under their hoodies are OK.

    A Tangent: Just spent six long hours at a school for an away game. In addition to being a “gun-free zone” it was also a “nut-free zone”. Signs said to wash yer hands before wandering the halls if you had eaten products containing nuts while off-campus. No mention of latex or lactose or gluten.

  4. Kentucky says:

    To me, “nut free” has a different connotation, and in this case it’s false.


  5. Robert says:

    Actually, my first thought on reading “nut-free” was that it was about CCW. Just for an instant… I later looked up the statute referenced on the “gun-free” sign. It’s about treaspassing, which is what happens if you’re armed and don’t leave when asked to. No mention of mental state. Stupid rules…

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