Note to self…

Having installed a new window on the windward side of the cabin, and seeing a big rainstorm coming, you might consider closing the damn window.

Wow, we got an early gullywasher. For about 20 minutes beginning around 12:30 it came down the hardest it has all year so far. And hardly any wind or lightning, so having crawled through the window between rooms I stood by the big empty hole in my wall, drank coffee and watched the new roof’s dripline try to wash all the dirt out of my yard. Soon the gully ditches on both sides of the cabin were running freely if not especially hard. That corner of the new bedroom is a great place to watch it … if, you know, you’re into that sort of thing.

Hey. When you live in a desert, watching ditches flow is interesting.

Monday mornings I normally catch a ride with D&L to town for the weekly water/grocery run. They told me the other day they wouldn’t be going till the afternoon because of a farrier appointment, which was how I knew I had time to get that wall tarpapered and windowed. But then the weather blew in early. During Monsoon you should always stay aware of whether there are any dry washes between you and home, and the likelihood that they’ll stay dry – especially in the afternoon. So the Monday water run will fall on Tuesday this week. Unless further delayed.

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