Now Biden wants to ban all gun magazines?

“…Having magazines carrying multiple bullets is irrational.” So single-shot only?

Biden went on to claim that when he was vice president during the American colonies’ revolution, he didn’t need so-called “assault weapons” to defeat the Japanese invasion of Kansas, even when they launched their sneak attack with dinosaurs. “Just shot my blunderbuss through the door and sent them running,” he said, “didn’t even load the second barrel. And we liked it that way!”

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7 Responses to Now Biden wants to ban all gun magazines?

  1. Robert says:

    Joel: I like your interpretation of what Joe really was trying to say.
    Couldn’t make myself listen to it to the end. Politicians need to just shut up and go away.

  2. Joel says:

    Do you think they might?

    Just a little?

  3. Mike says:

    Biden is spouting off the same kind of Liberal anti gun BS rhetoric that we are hearing up here in Canada. It is pure BS because there is simply no way of getting a magazine ban to work.

    As an example of this kind of stupid logic, the Canadian RCMP discovered the Ruger Charger pistol version of the 1022. So, they deemed that all magazines which hold over ten rounds for the Ruger 1022 are prohibited because under Canadian law the max number of rounds a pistol magazine can have is ten. They sent out notices that owners must have them altered to only hold ten rounds or they must be turned into the police for destruction. This edict went into effect over a year ago and of the hundreds of thousands of these mags that are in country, only a few hundred have been turned in.

    Considering the law abiding nature of Canadians, this edict was an absolute failure. So, if this law didn’t work up here in a population that prides itself on being law abiding, how much chance does this sort of thing have in the USA?

  4. Norman says:

    “…So, they deemed that all magazines which hold over ten rounds for the Ruger 1022 are prohibited because under Canadian law ….”

    So, as a Good Citizen you went door-to-door collecting those newly prohibited magazines to: a) assist the armed government agents in their collection efforts, and; b) protect the “citizens” (for various values of “citizen”) from potential negative legal consequences.

    Very public spirited of you. How unfortunate that after expending all that effort the magazines you collected were lost in a tragic boating accident while transporting them to the government collection point. So sad.

  5. Mike says:

    @ Norman… bahahaha. You a funny guy. To put it bluntly, I would not piss on these idiots in Ottawa if they were on fire. What I have been doing is enjoying reading about this screw up in the Canadian press.

  6. Kentucky says:

    Well, he’s not getting my gun magazines. I pay good money for my subscriptions, and there’s Freedom of the Press, and . . . huh . . . what . . . oh . . . NEVERMIND.

  7. Wayne Wilson says:

    Every body will have dueling pistols .

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