Oh dear god, I’ve become a fanboy.

I like Larry Correia books. There, I said it. A year and a half ago I read my first one, a military thriller called Dead Six, and I loved it. Since then I’ve gone through every Monster Hunter and Grimnoir book I could lay hands upon, which I believe is every one there is, and have yet to be disappointed. Okay, I see danger of MHI going the usual Baen route of never saying in three books what can more profitably be said in 10, but I live in hope. And the Grimnoir story is fantastic.

Dead Six, though…I don’t read military thrillers. Not ever. Because they suck. Dead Six, however, did not suck. It had believable characters I actually cared about. Characterization is something Correia’s very strong on; it’s not just Stalwart Heroes Stalwartly Battling Evil Villains who are Evil. Or – okay, it’s kinda that. But at least it isn’t all that. Me likee.

And so I do believe that when I heard the inevitable (first, for of course there will be many, this is Baen) sequel to Dead Six is coming out, I may have actually squeed. That is all, you didn’t read that.

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8 Responses to Oh dear god, I’ve become a fanboy.

  1. Claire says:

    Um … how does one go about “squeeing”? I don’t think I’ve ever done it. Unless perhaps it was over the Beach Boys when I was 14, and I didn’t actually know that squeeing was what I did.

  2. Joel says:

    I refuse to even respond, lest I suggest I may know what squeeing is. The best possible outcome would be that I’d offer a definition and it would turn out to be wrong.

  3. Robert Evans says:

    The longer time goes on the more I think that Monster Hunter International should have been a stand-alone novel. I like the sequels and understand that Larry, having gone to the trouble of building a universe, wants to keep mining it for dollars, but gnome thugs? That there was a shark-jumping moment if ever I saw one. I’m liking the Grimnoir novels much better, though.

  4. Joel says:

    The gnomes were over the top, I agree. Not as obnoxious as the troll…trolls, however.

    But that’s not really what I object to. In the fourth installment, where he could have wrapped the whole thing up and left me very happy, he’s clearly stretching for length. I expect it to go on for at least half a dozen volumes, probably twice that, but he’s likely to do it without me and that will make me sad.

  5. Chocs says:

    Squeeing = going “eeeeeeeeeiii!” in the shrillest voice possible. I claim this definition in my 15yrs experience of being a fangirl. 😛
    As for worrying about being a fanboy about Larry – come ON, Joel – it’s LARRY CORREIA!
    You don’t get much more ‘masculine’ than that! 😀

    PS: I’ll be sending you your new fanboy badge in the mail 😉

  6. MamaLiberty says:

    I happen to like murder mysteries (among other things), and comb the library (A through Z… I’m in the M section now) looking for them. There are some long series, but so far I’ve not usually cared for more than the first few books and, often, none of them. Then, once in a while, I come across something great and must suffer because there IS only one… and the author has been dead for a while.

    Got so tired of it I started writing my own. Probably never going to be an Agatha Christie, of course, but I’m enjoying myself.

    Oh, and I only “squee” when I get to see my grandsons. 🙂 We like to play with squirtguns, and the older boy sometimes fills his with icewater!! He’s a heck of a good shot already. LOL

  7. Tam says:

    I liked the g-nomes. So there.

    Some people seem to be taking the series way too seriously, though. It’s all a great big internet gun nerd inside joke. (Hence the troll.)

  8. Joel says:

    Oh, the g-nomes are fun. I get the joke. It’s just a matter of taste, I guess; sometimes Correia’s being serious as hell (Alpha) and sometimes he’s practically writing farce. I like both, but not on the same plate. My ex used to make fun of me because first I’d eat the meat and then the peas, but I never mixed them together. She was wrong, of course. But I don’t hold it against her.

    Now, if he’d named the troll “Gunkid”… 🙂

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