Oh dear. You know why you never hear of giant solar electric plants in the PNW?

Days like the last few, that’s why. I’ve had positive results on cloudy days with my newly-expanded solar panel array, but Sunday and yesterday it did no good at all. It was rain, rain, deep gloom interspersed with occasional drizzle. It’s mud to the ankles out there, and (oh, thank god the cattle have returned) it seems pretty darned disrespectful of those new and very expensive tires to drag them through all this mud and cow shit the very first thing…When I get big improvements like that, after years of nursing the old makeshifts along, I like to go out and admire them. Hell, I just got back from morning chores and I can’t even see them.

But relief is coming. A band of blue appeared on the northern horizon about an hour ago, no use to man or beast, and it appears to intend to march southward toward us. Already maybe a third of the sky is blue. Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be sunny. And that’s good, because I shut down the inverter yesterday afternoon and didn’t bother starting it up again except to write this post. I don’t ever remember the batteries being lower than they were first thing this morning.

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5 Responses to Oh dear. You know why you never hear of giant solar electric plants in the PNW?

  1. Who...Me? says:

    Joel do you still have solar panels on your roof? I cannot remember it you have moved them over the last several years or not.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, I’ve still got the two on the roof and then four big old square ones on a ground mount.

  3. Who...Me? says:

    Well if you plan on leaving them there you may want to consider a roof hatch right above them so when you need to clean off the snow you can stand on the floor of your loft and just push the snow down with a snow rake. Probably have enough extra wood and roofing when you build your new bedroom to do it without cost except for labor.

  4. Joel says:

    :) That’s actually not the craziest idea anybody’s ever floated here.

  5. John says:

    Joel – Now I’m maybe just a little curious what the top three craziest ideas ever floated here might be.
    OK if I just get to stay just curious though…
    (I see a little room for some fun here.)

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