Oh god why…

So in a comment on the last post, Ben said,…

This seems like a job for a length of inexpensive chain. Even the strap will wear out from abrasion.

…and I was more than a full sentence into a rather dismissive reply when two stray brain cells and a synapse came home from a sabbatical or something. I began to say that while of course that’s true, in my life there’s no such thing as ‘inexpensive’ chain, as typified by the fact that I hoard scraps to keep the target stand in repair…

…which I could hardly forget about since they hang from a limb right in front of my front porch stairs.

And then – as I was writing that reply – and only then did it suddenly occur to me that I did indeed possess at least one long chain. In fact, if my obviously senior memory wasn’t doing me wrong again, I – embarrassingly under the circumstances – actually owned a logging chain.

But I had to go on a lengthy search for it/them, because it/they* was/were so precious that I hid it/them somewhere special against the day when I’d need it/them and then of course forgot all about its/their frickin’ existence.

Sometimes it’s just embarrassing to be me…

*See how properly careful I’m being about pronouns? Still a cis white guy, though, so never mind.

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6 Responses to Oh god why…

  1. KlUs says:

    Looks like some poor bastard flatbed tow truck operator lost his tie down chain and hook on the side of the road somewhere. That would be a good find any day.

  2. Wayne Dygert says:

    It could be worse.
    Had to do a plumbing job today when the well pump quit because a bushing corroded and gave way dumping the prime from the standpipe. Before the trip to town to buy new pieces from the big box store I noticed my pipe dope had dried out in the tube and I was out of Teflon tape. Returned from town with new bushing, tape and pipe dope, repaired and reprimed well and had water again! Threw left over Teflon tape and pipe dope in the odds and ends drawer in the shop WITH THE OTHER THREE BUSHINGS, ROLLS OF TEFLON TAPE AND TUBES OF PIPE DPOPE. Facepalmed

  3. 46 Bubba says:

    Wayne, you you ain’t in my garage?

  4. paulb says:

    I have several hammers as I can’t find them when needed and the hardware store is close. They smile when they see me coming.

  5. Malatrope says:

    I do this so many times that there aren’t any jokes left. Sometimes, though, I rationalize it by telling myself it’s quicker and easier to buy new rather than find the old.

    Completely forgetting a thing’s existence, though, I’ve only done once or twice.

  6. Titan Mk6B says:

    I built a shop and transferred everything i had from all over the place to it. I found all kinds of stuff that I knew I had but had lost. The most fun was not being able to find the hardware to put a set of shelves together so I went out and bought more. I found the missing nuts and bolts for the shelves less than a minute (literally) after I finished putting them together.

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