Oh, I’m typing this very carefully…

Switching from keyboard to mouse is basically impossible; I can lift my right arm with my left arm but the right arm won’t lift itself. Hurts too much to try yard, but it’s like there’s no strength there.

Yeah, took another sudden fall. My right foot slid on gravel and I went right over, landed hard on my right shoulder. I think I undid all the last year’s healing and more besides. Hurt so bad at first it was nauseating. Had a terrible time getting into the Jeep, whined all the way home, and now it really doesn’t seem to be getting fundamentally any better; I really messed something up this time.

I can move my forearm from the elbow without pain, but moving from the shoulder is very difficult and painful. Not sure where I’m going to sleep tonight, right now the loft is looking like a very bad idea.

Good news, sort of: I’m supposed to go tomorrow to the big town about 50 miles away for an eye doctor appointment. So I have a few hundred dollars saved up, maybe I can bribe a vet to poke around and tell me what I did to my shoulder.

Man, it really hurts. just typing is exhausting.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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13 Responses to Oh, I’m typing this very carefully…

  1. Ben says:

    Well obviously you will sleep on your recliner tonight. Do you have blankets downstairs?

    Do whatever it takes to get whatever help you need tomorrow!

  2. Eric says:

    Damn Joel that sucks. About the vet don’t do it just go to whatever passes for an emergency room in your neck of the woods they have to see you regardless of your ability to pay. Besides it could be something serious like a torn rotator cuff and the longer you avoid it the worse it can become so now is not the time to worry about money. If money is that big a deal just think of all the years you worked and paid into the system it’s about time you got something back out of it. Hell as far as that goes maybe you should also look into drawing your S.S. benefits and getting on medicare that way you won’t have to fret so much over Dr appointments. Just my $.02 Or perhaps I’m just way out of line 🙂


  3. Judy says:

    Yup, ER, you need some x-rays at the very least. Leave the loft until you know what is going on with the shoulder. Coats make good blankets in a pinch. Or go to landlady’s and snag some blankets for a while. I pretty sure she wouldn’t mind.

    Here’s wishing that shoulder heals up fast!

  4. Claire says:

    Agree with Eric. If you’re still in this state of pain + disability tomorrow, hit the emergency room. Torn rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder (though I think you’d be able to see that if you stand shirtless in front of a mirror), broken arm. Who knows?

    If you weren’t too young for it, I’d second the Medicare recommendation.

    Hope you’re at least able to move that arm under its own power tomorrow. But if you’re not, emergency room treatment for sure. Sorry; I know how much you’d hate that.

  5. coloradohermit says:

    I sure hope it’s nothing serious, but I’ll throw in with the crowd that you need to get it checked out, much as we all dislike getting medical care. I don’t guess your opthamologist would be much use in the diagnosis.

  6. Ann S says:

    Now would be good time for ice packs – 15-20 minutes on 2 hours off.Any way to get ice packs? Whether rotator cuff tear, dislocated shoulder, or humerus fracture; duct tape(holds the world together)on arm above elbow to chest and flank ,can hold stuff together and prevent increased pain with position changes until you see doc. Any blood bruising on upper arm?

  7. Goober says:

    Well shit, Joel. You sure tempted fate with all that bragging about how ready you were for winter, didn’t you…

    It’s a good thing you’re ready. At least you’ll be well fed and warm while you heal up.

    And yeah, what they all said. Get your butt to a hospital ASAP.

  8. vorkosigan says:

    What they said— get it looked at. With winter coming on, can’t tolerate something that so limits your ability to take care of yourself. think of trying to tolerate 3-5 months under hospice care for a broken hip, goddess forbid. If worst comes to worst, we can set up Joels rotator cuff surgery fund. Let’s keep Joel in his Lair, far from the special snowflakes and their “safe spaces”.

  9. M Ryan says:

    Joel gravity is definitely not our friend. Make yourself comfortable in the chair, take some aspirin or, if you got it, some ibuprofen. Get something cold on the shoulder ( have you tried to call Ian and maybe scrounge some ice?) and try to get a little sleep. Last thing you want is to be totally immobilized by a fall off the ladder or you cant clime down in the morning. Listen to what all the others have said.

  10. feralfae says:

    Yes, I agree with those above who said “get thee to the ER!” because you want this fixed ASAP so you finish up your winter preps. This is no time to fool around for a few days to see if it gets better. It may need some attention prior to starting to heal the wrong way. Get to the ER while you are in town tomorrow. You take good care of you. All best wishes for the best and fastest healing, too.

  11. MamaLiberty says:

    I can only repeat all of the above. Letting it heal “wrong” will dog you the rest of your life, most likely. Much as we dislike doctors, diagnosing and repairing this kind of injury is something they are actually good at!!

  12. Mark Matis says:

    There is no honor in looking like Quasimodo just because you’re too proud to ER…

  13. Sendarius says:

    Nobody has yet mentioned what I did to myself when I took a tumble – broken collarbone.

    Apparently it will heal of itself if immobilised for weeks, but I went the ORIF route – Open Reduction, Internal Fixing – so now I am the (somewhat) proud owner of one plate and nine screws, all medical grade titanium. Oh, and a cool scar, for the chicks.

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