Oh, maybe we’ll get some sun today…

High temp 58o, “Clouds breaking for some sun, wind gradually subsiding.” So says the forecast. We didn’t get the dangerously cold stormy weather that so typically welcomes the new year in the high desert, in fact the nights have been freakishly warm. But it also has been gloomy, windy and moist. We had one unnaturally nice day right after the return from the city, but since then I’m breaking in that new coat, that’s for damned sure.

Have I mentioned how much I like that coat? But I sure could do with some sun, if that’s all right. Gloomy and windy is perfect weather for sitting around and doing nothing, though, which is what I’ve been doing. Given that that’s most of what I accomplished last week while I was gone, I’m surprised at being so blown out and tired this week. But it’s so.

I feel for Big Brother and wife, who chose this winter to drive nearly around the circumference of the nation, a trip taking weeks and sending them through some of the worst weather of the winter so far. They got home just about the time I did, give or take a day, and I’d be surprised if either of them have mustered the energy to unpack yet.

Maybe I’ll stir around a little more today, I dunno…

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One Response to Oh, maybe we’ll get some sun today…

  1. M Ryan says:

    The weather certainly has been a little weird. In the last week we have been hit with serious snow then last night the temp went up and we had rain and high winds and more rain on the way. In a couple of days the temp is due to fall and it’s back into the deep freeze. It seems like the temps have been going up and down like a whore’s drawers.

    It’s all part of climate change I guess.

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