Last couple of times I’ve been in Landlady’s barn I’ve detected a hint of corruption, as when a rat picks an inconvenient place to die.

Found out what it was this morning. Somebody – I won’t mention any names but he might be identified by an unorthodox number of intact limbs – by complete happenstance left a bucket under a leaky spot in the roof over the very wet and rather mild winter. Said bucket filled with water. Said water attracted several rats.

That right there would normally be a good thing, as anything short of bubonic plague that kills rats is normally a good thing. Except somebody didn’t realize the situation had ensued until this morning, when he innocently poured out the bucket. Ever see a packrat swelled to the size of a gopher? The smell was – memorable. I’ll spare you the pictures.

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6 Responses to OH THAT’S GROSS!

  1. Robert says:

    And don’t pick up a dead one, or a live one for that matter, by the tail lest the tail sheath lets go and, well, it. is. gross. Although Joel’s bucket ‘o bloat sounds even worse. Blaarrgh.

  2. BobF says:

    On behalf of at least a few others, I am sure, and myself, I thank you for not posting pictures. 🙂

  3. terrapod says:

    That is a very succinct description. Makes a good case for placing buckets upside down when not in use.

    I on the other hand purposefully put out partially filled buckets with a rolling can on a wire, can covered with peanut butter on purpose, to catch mice. Last year a total of 17 mice in the barn and garage. This year zero. Can’t decide if I got them all last winter or if they wised up a whole lot.

    Still a few scats which might be recent or very old, so I am going with the wised up theory for now and until I vacuum up every surface. I don’t like rodents aside from capybaras (called carpinchos the old country).

  4. RCPete says:

    I have a couple of the 1000 liter bulk containers I use for fire-fighting water. Left the inner vent cap off them the first year and attracted a couple of rats. Even one dead rat makes even that much water really smell.

    I also had the rat-in-a-bucket in a rather leaky shelter. Thought the bucket wasn’t going to get water, and the rat thought he’d get out. Only good news was that the shelter is open on one side, so it wasn’t gag-worthy.

  5. randy says:

    We bought a stock tank for a raised bed and it got about a quarter full of rain before I got around to the project. Living in the woods, there are squirrels, everywhere, and one of those seed thieves fell in. Thankfully I got him before he got as nasty as your rat, but he was swollen more than I thought he could.

  6. Tsgt Joe says:

    Unorthodox number of limbs huh. I asked my 3 legged bobby dawg what he’d been up to. He said he hadn’t been out of the yard and to ask Joel.

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