Oh, this is going to take forever…

It’s a sad day when you find yourself cursing a mercifully warm winter…

…but I have to move my woodshed, which should by all rights be nearly empty. Instead I used about 3/10s of the contents. Don’t seem right.

I keep telling myself it only means less work this coming autumn when it’s time to fill the thing again. But right now that’s poor comfort.

Got about this far along when I decided I’m doing this all wrong. Wherever I move the wood to, it’s just going to be a new rat nest and I’ll just have to move it all again when I set the woodshed back up. So why am I wasting all this effort being neat? The thing to do is to just pile up the present contents outside the woodshed, tear the shed down and decide its new permanent place, then go ahead and set it up there and refill it. Won’t be much extra work now and it’ll save loads of extra work later.

It’s probably going to have to be on the wrong side of the drainage ditch, but if need be I can always knock together another bridge. I thought for a while of putting a long overhang on the side of the new bedroom addition for a permanent woodshed, but there are pretty good termite-related arguments for not doing that even though it would look better. The hoopshed design is cheap and has worked out well for the past four years.

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4 Responses to Oh, this is going to take forever…

  1. MJR says:

    This is what the folks in the North East have to put up with so quit complaining. :^) BTW note how some move back and others try for that perfect video…

  2. Ben says:

    So this is the first official work on the bedroom addition? Shouldn’t we celebrate or something?

  3. Zelda says:

    Hope you will consider your age and your winter conditions when relocating the wood pile. A bridge just doesn’t sound like something to your advantage for bringing in wood when it is covered with ice and snow (or water or wind-blown dirt and sand), the wind is at top speed and you don’t know when the weather will be favorable to old hermits. Even if you have to split your wood storage into 2 or more flat convenient locations (it doesn’t all have to be in one place) that are easy to get to .

  4. Ben says:

    Or perhaps a small ready storage woodshed somewhere convenient to a door? Fill it up on nice days, perhaps as a weekly chore. Structurally, it could be as simple as some poles stuck in the ground to support a tall but fairly narrow stack of wood. Less bending!

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