Oh yes oh yes – Timing!

Spent most of the day making geiger counters, and GC Guy says when we run out of GM tubes there’ll be at least a two-week shutdown while we wait for more. That will free up time for working on the Lair, which I badly need. Then when I got home I got a call from my neighbor D, who wants me to come over tomorrow and look over the bill of materials for the Lair’s kitchen. Seems he’s finished his drawings. If I can wrangle a way to go to the big town this weekend for lumber, I could (conceivably) have an entire kitchen by the end of next week.

Yeah, that’s absurdly optimistic. But not impossible. This sucka’s coming together! Yes!

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2 Responses to Oh yes oh yes – Timing!

  1. Congratualtions on this coming together Joel, it will be nice to see you out of that trailer and in your lair come this winter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What Grey Lady said. :^)

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