Okay, so a couple of days away from the Internet…

Perfect time for it. The bell curve for “typical” spring weather in the high desert is fairly wide, and we’ve spent the past couple of days ‘way over on the low side marked Lousy. So I’ve just been cocooning in the Lair, accomplishing next to nothing except the inescapable agrarian chores that pile up when you’ve got chickens and made up your infrastructure from some paper cups and string. We got a windstorm overnight that woke me up because it wanted to be sure I knew how scary and destructive it was, followed by heavy rain. Right now I see heavy clouds (probably) moving away over the horizon. I’m all wrapped in a heavy hoody while I wait for the first cup to brew, but it’s not that cold, high thirties maybe. I’ll probably start losing layers as soon as the sun makes an appearance over the ridge.

Or maybe not. Spring weather does what it wants. Either way, there’s not a lot going on at the Gulch this week so far.

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5 Responses to Okay, so a couple of days away from the Internet…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Did the new woodshed tolerate the wind?

  2. coloradohermit says:

    We’re having a brief return of winter here in central CO after a week of spring. I woke up to 3″ of snow and it’s forecast to snow all day, all night and into tomorrow. And the joys of being back on the electric grid… the power has flickered off/on 3 times this morning which suggests that the snow is heavy and power lines vulnerable. But I’m all snow prepped and joining you in one of those quiet unproductive days.

  3. Joel says:

    Did the new woodshed tolerate the wind?

    Oh, sure. We’re down in a hollow so there’s plenty of clutter to break up the worst of the wind. Plus when it’s half-full, as currently, there’s an awful lot of mass the wind has to shift if it wants to push the shed over. If we were on a ridgetop I might have braced it more solidly, though.

  4. Kentucky says:

    My concern was for the roof. That’s essentially an open structure, and a good wind blowing under the roof might get interesting.

  5. Joel says:

    Yeah, I had the same concern so I screwed things down very thoroughly. But it’s metal roofing and you can never be quite sure what that’s going to do in a wind. As long as the shards don’t destroy things downwind it’s easy to fix.

    I confess I’ve considered tossing a couple of old tires up there…

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