On the quality of Chinese camo netting from Amazon…

This one’s just about exactly a year old.

And it didn’t survive the last couple of windstorms. It would probably be fine as shade cover for camping trips and such, or in a place with milder weather. But the UV weakened it and the wind finished it.

Not that it matters a lot, at present. I remodeled the Fortress of Attitude for a dog kennel last summer, should I need one. So far I haven’t needed one.

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10 Responses to On the quality of Chinese camo netting from Amazon…

  1. Too bad there don’t seem to be any 1950’s style surplus stores around these days. Back then you could get anything you needed, U.S. issue, for very low prices. Guess you were just born too late!

  2. Zelda says:

    I’ve been trying to find quality tarps and outdoor furniture covers for years. Everything is made in China, supposedly UV stabilized, and lasts about a year whether I buy it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Harbor Freight. The Harbor Freight tarps are especially fragile. Even the thickest ones turn to shreds in a year. The shreds fly all over in the wind. They certainly are filling up the landfill and emptying my wallet. Haven’t tried military surplus store tarps yet.

  3. LindaG says:

    There are surplus stores around. Just have to hunt to find them. And then you have to hope that they have the real deal and not the cheap Chinese stuff.

  4. Joel says:

    The first one I got through Ian lasted about three years.

  5. anonymous says:

    If you can find for cheap, the orange construction safety fencing material can be used as a camo cover, but you of course have to tie the panels together and dye the material a more neutral color. But I’ve had some of that on a garden overhead cover for nearly 18 years and its still holding up despite UV effects. Try that if you can.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    Or do you REALLY care that it’s camo? Would not that “orange construction safety fencing material” be fine as-is and merely lend more “character” to Chalmun’s Cantina???


    Or the Fortress of Chickentude as well, since all the chooks therein surely make an inviting target for raptors…

  7. LargeMarge says:

    For a motorcycle cover, I purchased a BBQ cover at Sears Roebucks before they closed. (I haven’t bought much from them after they closed… [rimshot!])

    The cover lasted a good three years, then disintegrated to dust. Hilarious.

  8. Paul Joat says:

    For solid tarps I’ve started using used billboards, it’s heavy vinyl and it lasts much longer than anything else I’ve used.

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