One step at a time.

I got a lot of woodcutting done yesterday but was super tired for the whole rest of the day which told me I was rushing a bit fast and asking to hurt myself again. So even though I rolled out of bed with all manner of grandiose plans to finish the whole thing today, over breakfast I decided ‘no, I’m not going near the woodlot today. Instead, I’ll do that little thing I promised Landlady.’

And that sent me back to the far innards of Ian’s Cave.

This summer got weird to the point where I honest don’t remember whether I wired this outlet and light this year or last. Either way, it was in preparation for the new water heater and softener, and guess what? It’s on the wrong side of Ian’s utility closet. So this morning, after putting myself on light duty for the day, I wandered over with my tool tote and corrected that.

A very simple job but I was still pleased with myself for how quick and easy it went. When I moved here I was very unsure of myself when it came to wiring things. Now poking steel tools into a breaker box is just part of a minor chore.

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