Out all morning doing concrete-related things…


Went to chicken chores early, because I had to put on my Sexton Joel hat. The form I use for pouring pet grave markers is in Landlady’s barn, and so is all my concrete.

It might be months before we get LB’s new gravestone, but I’ll be ready. And anyway it puts me in a concrete state of mind for the morning’s big chore…

For all the past year the back door steps have consisted of a pile of loose concrete blocks, but it’s time to un-redneck the Lair’s back door.

Almost ready to pour the pad now. This evening after it cools off I’ll pack dirt around the form, then I’ll hit the deck running first thing in the morning while it’s still cool. Saturday morning I’ll set the blocks in place and fill them.

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One Response to Out all morning doing concrete-related things…

  1. terrapod says:

    Good lord! A punji stick trap, right where you would tumble out when sleepwalking.
    Bar that door and nail it shut until that is built up. Whoo-ee!

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