People throw away the damndest things…

…And I do the damndest things with them.

So I go over for shit-shoveling at J&H’s yesterday morning, right? And J&H had guests from the city over the weekend, and apparently went out and bought a bunch of food that turned out not to be used because the guests supplied the food. These things happen.

And H comes out of the house when I get there and says, “Hey, Joel! You want some food?” And I think she’s talking about breakfast, to which she sometimes invites me and which I always accept because bacon. But she’s actually talking about three bags of food, of the sort I don’t indulge in because refrigeration, and also money. While I don’t understand why they don’t just freeze it for another day, who am I to look gift groceries in the mouth, right? Maybe their freezer’s full.

Now, some of this stuff is just plain mine, and the boys can give me the big brown eyes all they want but they’re not getting any. J&H have expensive taste in sausage and I do not waste it on dogs. But there are also these three packages of hot dogs. I could fire up the little fridge in Landlady’s barn and they’d stretch for months. But no matter how long you’re deprived of them, hot dogs are just hot dogs.

So I know they’re getting some of this. And the big question, all the way home, is “How much do I share, and how much do I get greedy with?” Because this is the sort of thing I actually worry about.

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2 Responses to People throw away the damndest things…

  1. Matt says:

    Share enough to offset what you are not willing to share.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Don’t give the boys too much at a time! It can cause loose bowels.

    You can slice the hot dogs into rounds or strips and dry them. The dogs won’t care if they are not pristine, and it will prolong their ‘shelf life” a bit.

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