Personally I think they’re very ugly, but…

…I like what they say.

Go here for a whole bunch of pictures of weird-looking P226’s SIG makes right in their very own factory. I presume they believe someone will want to buy them.

People tend to like what they’re used to, and we in the gun culture have grown up in an environment where we’re used to guns being black. Or blue, or silvery, and that’s it. Exceptions exist, but they’re fairly rare. I think that’s a bad thing. Even though I think these particular pistols are hideous, an assault on the eyes, that’s just personal taste.

When personal tastes are catered to by the manufacturers, we’re seeing the emergence of something good. As a very wise man once said,

Guns are also – or at least I hope we reach the stage where they are – personal accessories by which you can kind of express yourself. Would I carry a pink gun? Oh, hell no. But I’m a smelly old hermit, and it wouldn’t go with the image. Anybody who paints her nails outlandish colors, or frets over the lace on her underwear, might get a big kick out of carrying a boomstick in an outré color. When that sort of thing becomes popular, we’re seeing the re-normalization of personal weapons as a part of everyday wear. Which personally, I think is a good thing.

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7 Responses to Personally I think they’re very ugly, but…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Simply gorgeous! The barrel is too long for me, but the colors and decorations are beautiful. I’m just too poor (and too cheap) to consider buying something like that.

    I carry the black XD 9mm most of the time, but will occasionally still sport the stainless Ruger .357 revolver. I don’t wear any other “jewelry.”

    But I’d sure not mind if someone wanted to gift me with any of those pretty things. 🙂 I’d carry it with real pride.

  2. Stephen says:

    I still hold a fondness for wood on my rifles and shotguns. A piece of beautiful walnut just makes my day.

  3. Matt says:

    Many colors of spray paint stick to synthetic stocks and frames quite well. Krylon makes camoflauge colors designed to stick really well to plastic. You can even get colors that will provide sand-like texture for extra grippiness.

  4. MamaLiberty says:

    So, what you’re saying, Matt, is that I could use this stuff to pretty up my black XD 9…. it’s an idea. I’ll have to ponder it. No interest in “camouflage,” really, but a pretty gold color would be an improvement over black.

    The “boys” would give me hell for it, I suppose, but what’s new? 🙂

  5. Ivan says:

    There could be a certain tactical advantage to a red or pink gun. The person you are in the process of drawing down on may not realize it’s a gun until the muzzle flash gives it away. Just sayin’

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