Playing around this morning…

My new target stand is in a part of the wash farther from my neighbors, where the walls are high and gunfire noise doesn’t carry quite so far. It’s a little higher than the sand so out of danger during the more usual sort of water run – but not at all safe from the sort of extraordinary floods we had 2 and 3 years ago. So the glorious clarity of hindsight tells me I need to go back with a drill and rope to secure it to a tree. I love cordless tools. 🙂

Had to trim away a couple of little bushes, but…

Click for bigger but boy, we’re really asking a lot of the phone’s lens resolution.

…I can get a clear shot at it to well over 100 yards, down on the surface of the wash. It’s there, just to the right of that tree.

Farther than that if I go a little higher…

So now I can play with my rifle on more than ‘that rock over there’ whenever I want, hopefully without bothering neighbors.

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2 Responses to Playing around this morning…

  1. Malatrope says:

    Joel, you are a righteous and honorable man.

  2. TK421a says:

    Joel, that’s a nice setup. Now all you need is a bench with a big unbrella to keep the sun off and you’re all set.

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