Portrait of an Unhappy Puppy

Get a load of this…

Tobie decided right away that he absolutely hated the Jeep. He didn’t even want to walk past the right side when we went out for a pee, for fear that at any moment I might betray his tiny trust and force him inside. It got so bad by Saturday that I just decided we were going to spend several days without the Jeep being any sort of factor. Yesterday morning I loaded him in – and by ‘load him in’ I mean pick up his limply protesting body and shove him in – and put up with his “why are you killing me in this horrible way” routine all the way to Neighbor L’s house and back. I took that picture during the morning trip.

We went through the whole thing again yesterday afternoon, and when we were getting back into the Jeep for the ride home he protested as always and then … jumped right in without prompting.

So maybe he is beginning to get the idea that Jeep rides aren’t so bad? Or maybe he was just sick of being picked up and carried. Time will tell. I think that in time he’ll decide that Jeep rides are the bee’s knees. All dogs seem to – but it took Laddie most of a year.

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9 Responses to Portrait of an Unhappy Puppy

  1. Beans says:

    Some doggie PTSD there.

    My rescue dog had it early on, not trusting car rides because he got tossed out on the side of the road, then he got sent to the vet for a month of heartworm treatment, then the lady who he decided was his new mommy handed him over to two complete strangers who, yes, took him on a long trip to a strange place.

    Took months to get him over it. Now? He’ll walk right up and jump in over the wheelchair ramp or other stuff, or he’ll sneak in from the front seats to his doggie bed behind them.

    Takes time. He’ll find he enjoys it.

  2. makerofgames says:

    Tobie looks like if he just keeps his eyes closed long enough the whole thing will just go away.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beans has the truth of it. If everytime you got in a car you ended up doing something that altered your life and upset the balance of the world as you knew it you’d start to treat it as a chore to avoid.

    Human equivilent, taxes or divorce

  4. Mike says:

    Poor little fellow. I’m with Beans, Tobie probably has PTSB/trust issues. At least he only goes limp and doesn’t try to bite you. 🐕 🙂

  5. Mark Matis says:

    One hopes that rides do not cause him intestinal distress!!!

  6. Terrapod says:

    Speaking of dogs and jeeps, ever get a replacement rear hatch window?

  7. Terrapod says:

    I have been keeping an eye on local scrapyards but CJs never seem to get scrapped.

  8. Joel says:

    No news on a rear window, though I agree the issue has come off the back burner.

  9. Beans says:

    Anonymous at 12:45 – the human equivalent is getting in the car on Monday morning to go to work. Ugh.

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