Prediction: As a trial balloon, “The IRS is the real victim here” will not be a keeper

“The IRS are the ones (sic) who have been actually targeted.” Seriously?

Who is this broad? And why do her writers hate her so?

Also: While Joseph McCarthy may indeed be a stain on American history and I’m not at all clear what he has to do with any of this anyway, in the fullness of time his fevered paranoid delusions about all those commies everywhere turned out to be pretty much … right, as I recall.

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11 Responses to Prediction: As a trial balloon, “The IRS is the real victim here” will not be a keeper

  1. Bear says:

    The phrase you seek is “lead balloon“.

    “The IRS are the ones (sic) who have been actually targeted.”

    Not… quite… yet, b!atch.

  2. Buck. says:

    If that dumb bitch thinks the hostility for the IRS is palpable in that room, she should remain as far from my home…..the home where lives an 81 year old woman who is being audited for the year she had breast cancer. The audit was triggered by the fact that she paid a dramatically lower sum that year to the extortionists. Because she had HUGE medical expenses. So they need to harass an ill octogenarian because they think for the first time in all the decades she has paid full freight, she might have fudged.
    Yeah, there’s something palpable in the air here when you mention the IRS.

  3. rustynail says:

    Joel, You are right on with your comment, except that Joe McCarthy is not a stain on the American history. As they say, McCarthy was right! The truth can be found at Blacklisted by History, M. Stanton Evans, Venona, by John Earls Haynes and Harvey Klehr, and American Betrayal, by Diana West, and many others. McCarthy was a true patriot hounded into obscurity and tarred with falsity. The fact that Alex Wagner can get away with spouting her false and vitriolic lie is testimony to the efficacy of the big lie.

  4. Goober says:


    McCarthy was a hero for creating real consequences, sanctioned by government entities, for people’s political beliefs?

    Holy shit rustynail you scare the shit out of me.

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that McCarthy was right. What he did was still as wrong as the definition of that word will allow.

  5. Goober says:

    I love how she claims to be the adult in the room. Then proceeds to speak the greatest idiocy while flashing pictures on her screen like an attention deficit hyperactive ten year old, then has a guest commentator who she doesn’t allow to speak because she’s too enamored with the sound of her own voice to shut up and let him speak.

    The adult in the room, indeed.

  6. Bear says:

    If I may…

    McCarthy wasn’t exactly out to save the country from the communist bad guys. He was merely trying to eliminate the competition for his own brand of controlling goons.

    In something more closely approximating a perfect world, we’d all be using sense and the free speech that McCarthy hated to simply laugh the communists (and competing statists) out of the country.

  7. Buck. says:

    What Bear said.

  8. singlestack says:

    I don’t think the Communists realized how successful their campaign of character assassination against McCarthy would be.
    As the ignorant boobs condemning him today have shown, it was wildly successful beyond anyone’s ability to to comprehend at the time.
    It’s a also the model for what’s being done to people today. The hatred generated against Sarah Palin is probably the most egregious example in the modern era, but certainly not the only one. Character assassination has become the default response to any criticism of the regime, made possible by people dumb enough to believe the lies about McCarthy even after they’ve been proven to be lies.
    Wake up sheeple. You’re swallowing Marxist propaganda and damning those who see though it. Are the shackles you’ve placed around your own neck comfortable?

  9. Joel says:

    Oh, dear.

    McCarthy turned out not to be as wrong about his most famous hobbyhorse as his opponents claimed he was. That doesn’t make him a good guy. Character assassination was the first tool in his bag, and if there was anything more unamerican in all 20th century American history than his tactics in furthering his own career through the red scare and the lavender scare, I wish you’d share it with us now.

    Joseph McCarthy was very comfortable putting shackles around other people’s necks.

  10. GoneWithTheWind says:

    McCarthy was right. He didn’t target people for their beliefs but for their actions. The communist infiltrated our government even prior to WW II and used that influence to thwart our actions in WW II and increase their influence which is why they got West Germany and a lot of Eastern Europe. After WW II the communist in this country that you think were just getting together for coffee to discuss their beliefs stole government secrets and gave them to the KGB. This included the atomic bomb. The communist in this country who while having their coffee get togethers were receiving propaganda from the KGB to be disseminated to the movie industry and the media to try to brainwash the citizens. An interesting side note to this is that in 1972 John Kerry testified before congress and made claims about atrocities that he saw American soldiers commit in Vietnam but in fact it was a lie. Kerry being the usefull idiot he is was fed this propaganda by American communist groups and it came directly from the KGB. The reason you are so uninformed about McCarthy is that the communist propaganda machne went into action and the communist in the media and the movie industry pretty much destroyed the truth. Interesting that the lies you believe came directly from the KGB and filtered through the American communist party to destroy the reputation of someone who dared to stand up against them. Interesting how many people think McCarthy went after innocent people who merely want to have a different political point of view. I bet you learned all you know about McCarthy from government school and the movie industry.

  11. Bear says:

    Particularly pre-WW2, it’s something of a toss-up as to who infiltrated whom.

    Some point to post-WW2/Cold War support of the USSR (think grain sales, among others) as proof that the communists had infiltrated America. I think it more likely that this was just a continuation of what came before, with the intent of 1) making mercantilists a lot of money, 2) ensuring the continued existence of a Soviet boogeyman to “necessitate” the profitable (and in government-specific circles, powerful) military/indistrial complex and 3) scare the populace into surrendering inconvenient freedoms, and 4) a heaping helping of out-right communist/socialist sympathies on the part of idiots of the sort that McCarthy et al feared.

    But what do I know?

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