Private to the guy who sent me those Ozark Trail flashlights…

Okay, the stick flashlight is in a handy drawer, but the headlight has earned a more honorable place on the wall.

Came down the ladder at quarter after six this morning, tried to put some water on for coffee and got no hiss from the stove burner. (sigh) which meant I had to go out in the dark (the only time the stove ever seems to run out of propane) to change bottles. This is a two-handed job I normally do with my belt flashlight stuck in my mouth.

I never really paid any attention to headlights before. Honestly (I’m from Michigan, as I may have mentioned) I think of them as a thing for jacklighting deer. But this one has made itself quite handy when I’m inside and know I have to go do something outside in the dark. So thanks again!

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