Propane bottle swap at Ian’s place…

It works!

Ian’s place never required very much propane; until last year there was never anything in there that used it but a kitchen stove – that nobody uses. So it had two swappable 20-pound bottles and that was all.

The big one is just in there for storage. I have no way to transport it for refill.

But then last year Landlady completed an inline water heater installation. This Spring we finished a genuine townie-style shower, and rejoicing was heard in the Lair.

Yes! I have access to a real townie shower, and it’s grand. However it did raise the question of how long that little 5-gallon propane bottle was going to last – and the issue of how long it took to bleed dozens of yards of pipe before I could get the heater to fire up the first time. I really didn’t want that bottle to suck dry.

And if I disconnected an almost-empty bottle and swapped it for a full one, would the pipe contents stay flammable or would I have to laboriously bleed it again? I was pretty sure it would be all right – but I also know that Murphy is alert for opportunities to screw me over.

Turns out it works just fine. As long as I never let the bottle go empty, I can swap them out with a minimum of hassle. Good to know: I’ve worried about that for months.

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5 Responses to Propane bottle swap at Ian’s place…

  1. Ben says:

    For obvious reasons, that installation cries out for yet another auto-switch regulator.

  2. Fred Lewers says:

    Go to an rv supply store and get an auto switch regulator. They’re awesome!

  3. boynsea says:

    Joel: Thanks for the mention of Hail Mary. Half way through, very interesting!

  4. Cederq says:

    That large bottle looks like a 40 pounder, they are not hard to transport, but more then a 30 pounder. A 40# is about 9.5 gallons. I use to use 50# and those were heavy once full, but they lasted a long time for a travel trailer

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