QoD: “No Sweets For You” Edition…

Because government just can’t have enough authority… And not just deadly “assault sugar,” that has no legitimate sweetening purpose. Although I’m sure “patrol sugar” will be exempt.

David Codrea

In reference to this:

“We are in the midst of the biggest public health crisis in the history of the world,” Dr. Lustig said. “And nobody even gets it. Nobody understands how important this is because they don’t consider it ‘public health.‘ They consider it ’personal responsibility.’”

The greatest in the world, huh? I strongly suspect all those dead people in the 14th century would dispute that – but then they’re not government-paid “researchers,” so what could they know? Also, they’re dead.

And I get a real kick out of the sneer at “personal responsibility.” What a quaint world these bitter clingers live in…

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One Response to QoD: “No Sweets For You” Edition…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just had some unregistered sugar in my coffee.

    I watched brown sugar and molasses being produced by hand in Lua an, Philippines several weeks ago. I took some video and pictures of the operation.
    That was fun at the time but it feels sort of illicit and clandestine now. Having been near the origin of such an evil(and delicious) substance leaves me all tingly like Chris Matthews leg around black men. I feel all counter culture.



To the stake with the heretic!