Random gulchy moments – no Spam yesterday

I don’t celebrate Christmas or any holiday especially, and as far as I know neither does Torso Boy. But it was a cloudy, blustery day perfect for sitting inside where it’s warm, and I decided that holiday or no, it was a good time to have a little feast.

So I ordered my servants to get cookin’ – and when nobody answered, I did it myself.

Fresh bread – it was baking day anyway – canned veggies and a couple of those pork chops I put up for winter two months ago, marinaded in chili sauce. Lovely! TB approved as well, though he had nothing good to say about canned peas. He didn’t get any of the wine, he’s not even nine years old yet.

As on Christmas and indeed every other day this week, I had to go up the plateau to feed T&S’s horse. The morning was frosty, though not especially cold…

…and as I turned the Jeep into the sun the windshield decided to fog right back up. This was a problem, since the defroster setting that had always worked before decided not to blow on the glass…

…and there was nothing to do but stop until I worked out the problem and could see again. This is one of the advantages of living way out in the boonies; if you just stop in the middle of the road, nobody’s going to complain. Or even notice.

Fed T&S’s one remaining horse, an old mare that’s gone damned near feral by now – They both had practically back-to-back serious riding injuries several years ago now, and decided that the fun of riding half-broke horses wasn’t worth the near certainty of death or crippling wounds. Since then the horses just stood around on the bare dirt that was their “pasture” and consumed hay, giving nothing back. One died last year, and I think T&S are just kind of hoping to outlive this one. They went to visit family for the holiday this week and I’ve been up to their barn twice a day all week. Didn’t have to climb the mesa to care for their dogs this time though, they took them with.

This was also the day D&L had to go to the biggish town about 35 miles away for D’s doctor appointment, and so I also gave their horses a feeding at noonish.

A pretty day today, hardly any clouds, though it turned windy this afternoon. That’s supposed to change overnight; tomorrow’s supposed to cloud up and bring snow as well as be substantially colder. We’ll see; so far things have been pretty mild, but we’re headed for the new year and that usually brings weather trouble for some reason.

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2 Responses to Random gulchy moments – no Spam yesterday

  1. Ben says:

    A day without Spam is a day without…

  2. terrapod says:

    Joel, check every vacuum line for connectivity and no cracks or leaks. Seem to recall they use that to move the actuators.

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