Scene: Two rural boomers trying to send a picture on a smartphone…

Good news: Neighbor L seems to have come through her surgery quite well. They’re shipping her right out of the hospital to a – well, ‘nursing home’ is excessively grim, some place where she can get therapy for a week or so before coming home, or that’s the plan I was told. I spoke to her on the telephone yesterday and she seemed astoundingly strong and normal.

But of course this is 2021, and there’s a bureaucratic price to pay: Before they’d do anything as helpful as send her out of the hospital, D had to provide proof that she’s vaccinated, right? Which meant a picture of her vaccine cert. No problem, it was right there on the table, and he had her smartphone. Which he had no more idea how to use than Tobie could use the Large Hadron Collider.

So he handed it to me, and damned if I could figure it out either. It’s an Android, and none of the pictograms meant diddly to me. Fortunately I’ve been messing with pics on an iPhone for years now, so I quickly gave up on his and started over with my own – and that worked just fine. So the blog came in handy.

Extra adventure ensued this morning, because it was time for the Monday morning water run as well as D’s first physical therapy appointment, and we were completely out of designated drivers. So I put on my Good Citizen face and drove him there myself, then filled the water bottles and did my own chores while he was bent and mishandled.

Among those chores was dropping the Jeep’s rearmost driveshaft at the local auto shop to get it a new u-joint and a replacement for the missing shackle bolt. We’re supposed to go back for more PT on Wednesday, and hopefully after that I’ll be able to put the drivetrain back together. Yeah, I could replace the u-joint myself but it’s been 40 years since I did it even with a shop press and the right dies, and I’ve always hated improvising that job.

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9 Responses to Scene: Two rural boomers trying to send a picture on a smartphone…

  1. Phssthpok says:

    Wait wait wait… lemmee get this straight.

    They won’t RELEASE you from the Hospital without proof of ‘the jab’?

    Wouldn’t that constitute kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment or something?

  2. Claire says:

    What would the hospital have done if L. was unvaxxed? Kept her forever? Held her down and forced mRNA into her? The mind boggles.

    I’m glad she’s doing well, though. She’s a pretty tough lady.

  3. Joel says:

    I’m pretty sure they’d release her from the hospital without the proof of jab. They wouldn’t let her into the therapy center, though.

  4. The Neon Madman says:

    Went thru this 2 months ago with my 87 year old mother. They sent L to what would properly be termed a rehab facility, a level of care designed as an intermediate step betwen hospital and home. Hip fractures in the elderly are common, and docs have gotten pretty good at designing a recovery strategy that produces good results. I wish her well. D should recover well too, I had a knee replaced a couple of years ago. The neighbors will need some watching and extra help for some time, but are much better off than they would have been a generation ago. Please give them what assistance you can.

  5. Jim Price says:

    Difficult tech problems like this require a 10 year old. Never one around when you need one.

  6. Buck. says:

    And by “proper dies” you mean sockets, right.
    That’s all the dies I ever had for changing u joints.

  7. coloradohermit says:

    L is lucky to be going to rehab. My best friend had spine surgery on Friday 10/1 and was sent home on Sunday 10/3. Everywhere locally is so understaffed that care is very hit or miss. Glad I was there for my friend and I’m glad that you’re there for D&L.

  8. Joel says:

    Buck! How you doing, man?

  9. Midwestmike says:

    Your papers please!!! That’s why my family paid out of pocket to have my 91 yo father rehab at home this past month. We couldn’t have seen him for the first 14 days if he’d gone to the nursing home.

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